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good luck :smiley:

I have just realised that it is out of stock. when do you all think that they will come back in stock?

Yes, it’s fine to do small drops on it for a while, but eventually you’ll only want to do bigger and bigger things putting more strain on your unicycle.

A splined hub refers to the part of the wheel where the cranks join onto the axle. The splines look like this: (they are the knobbly bits on the ends of the blue hub

(sorry for the big picture guys)

This is known to be stronger than a square taper hub, where the crank arms join onto the axle slotting over a square shaped end. These types of hub are used on unicycles that generally will not take any battering, like commuting (some 29" and all 36" wheels) and freestyle (in most cases).

If I were you I’d save up some extra cash and go for the ISIS (which means splined) model, seriously.

My first unicycle was very similar to that one and I still ride it but am on my 4th set of cranks. In this case buying something cheeper ended up costing me more in replacement cranks arms. For the price difference I would opt for the splined model and have the confidence that you won’t break anything for a while.

So I guess I would say get a cheep 20" learner and save up for a better trials unicycle if the splined Nimbus is to much, instead of getting something that is almost good enough to do real trials with. Upgrading the cranks and hub on the cheeper Nimbus would end up costing you the same as getting the leaner.

Also that way you end up with two usable unicycles instead of a unicycle and a spare square taper hub while spending the same amount of money :slight_smile:


Yeah, the Nimbus Trials is a great value, definately get the ISIS one. Upgading to stronger KH cranks will cost about $50, US. The 137’s are better for trials, some tricks, and riding up hill, but a bit slow for flats.

Personally, looking back I wish I got an inexpensive 20" learner and saved up and got the best uni I could afford for the type of riding I was going to do most. Plus you can fit a widish nobby on most 20" learners for light trials and off road, just stay away from drops if you want it to last.

Is this any goos it says it has an extra strong hub and would I be able to put a bigger tyre?

Thanks realy need to order

But, you really need to save an extra little bit of cash and get the Nimbus ISIS Trials… (you won’t be able to do proper trials on the one you linked to)

I will be going for the nimbus isis one finally got my mum and dad to let me have it.

thanks for all the advice

That will be a pretty strong uni, but by what you described earlier I think you’d be happier w/ the ISIS 19" trials or 24" Muni.

19" for more trials, and tricks

24" for more Muni, speed, and road riding.

This is the widest tire that will fit on that 20" uni you linked.

If you get into big drops, you will eventually bend that rim, then you can upgrade to a nice 19". If you maintain the tension in the spokes well, and roll out of drops, the original rim will last you much longer.

Edit: If you want to keep the price down and want to do more Muni than trials or street and still want to keep the price down, you might want to get this. For Muni, you’d want to ask them for 150 mm cranks instead, though.