Hi… i’m new on the site and and i’ve started unicycling 4 months ago, it’s going pretty well but i have some questions for you guys…
First of all i wanted to know if it’s been a good idea to buy the old version of the 20" cross QU-AX… everyone on the site talks about how fragile the crank on this uni is… is it that much of a problem?
I have noticed that when i ride even the smallest lateral inclination of the ground makes me turn my chest away from the correct line… is that normal? is it somehow possible to prevent this?
I also wanted to know roughly how long it should take me to learn some serious tricks… i ride about 2 to 3 hours a day and i have only learned to hop up stairs and kerbs… i kind of descend stairs but i still find it a bit difficult…
Also… is it just me who finds free mounting very hard or is it normal?
Sorry if some of my questions seemed a bit stupid but i just started and this whole world is brand new to me…

Thanks a lot to everyone… :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Qu-Ax cross has an ISIS setup, but the crank design is just an upgraded cotterless crank, strength wise. It will hold up for a while, but once you start doing bigger stair sets and drops, it will start bending.

If your seriously wanting to upgraded and get a strong unicycle, consider the Torker DX, and Qu-Ax trials. Low budget unis that are very strong. If you have quite a lot of money to spend, you can go for the Koxx Devils, or the KH trials. Those are both top-of-the-line unis, and worth every penny.

About your body moving, it is probably caused somewhat by your tire and tire pressure, the crown in the road, or just the fact you have been riding for 4 months. Keep practicing, using equal pressure for each pedal. Youll get over it soon, and be able to just look straight forward. =p

For learning tricks, some people learn them in a few mins, a few days, a month, some have even taken a year to get some tricks down. Its really up to how hard you practice, and how dedicated you are to learning the trick. Also depends on the trick, things like hopping down stairs could be easy for you, but when you go to try a crankflip, it can take weeks. Just dont get frustrated at the trick and have fun.

Free mounting is hard at first, sometimes taking tons of tries to finally get on your uni. Keep practicing and it will become normal, and second nature to mount your uni.

Welcome to the forums!!!

Welcome to the forums, always good to have new members be they old hardened veterans or fresh faces like yourselves.
If you did get the QU-AX you could always upgrade the cranks fi they are as week as everyone says they are, you see quite a lot of people (especially the europeans) riding QU-AX so they must be pretty decent.
As you ride more your balance will get much better and just come become second nature so i wouldn’t worry too much about it.
The learning curve is different in everyone some people learn fast some learn slow. I remember when I first tried to just ride a uni I could never get more than a few metres, then one day something just went POP and I could ride and had balance. Same happened with idling I could never do more than three then one day I could just do it.
One thing I know helped me loads was someone to go out uni’ing with, it pushed me to try other things I would not have tried and helps push yourself further. Especially when the person you ride with learns in a month and then lands a unispin not long after.
Keep riding though, even make a video then look back on it a few month later you’ll be surprised at how you have progressed in that time.

Can u guys tell me roughly how much it takes to learn basic tricks and stuff such as riding off some stairs and stuff like that?
as bungalistic sayed it is different from a person to the other… but just roughly… thanks…

well, in my case it took me only a few weeks to learn to ride down stairs, but that was because I was riding down to my practice spot and then making at least 30 minutes worth of attempts at making it down stairs, I started te same way as I did when i went to learn to just ride, I just went for it and everytime i got one step closer to the bottom of the stair set and after a few weeks i was able to make it down the stairs everytime, then I wanted to learn to ride backwards and set up 2 chairs on either side of me and just pushed away, trying to keep the uni under me, that took several moths to learn and now I can ride forward and reverse when ever and ride backwards for a decent amount of time, so I would say that the rough time frame for tricks (because I’m on the slower end of the learning curve) would be between 2 weeks to 2 months… it just depends on the dificulty of the trick, and your amount of practice time you dedicate to it… hope I helped…