About three weeks ago, I saw an ad in my college paper for a unicycle for sale,
asking forty bucks. (FWIW, it’s a Cycle Pro brand uni) To make a long story
short, I got that baby.

With dreams of unicycling to classes, I attempted to ride. Ha! Not going to
happen, at least not the first day. So I’ve been practicing a few minutes a few
times a week, and I can go about two yards. Huzzah! I’m doing the ‘I’ve seen
people unicycle before’ method of learning. I’m sort of lucky- I live in a dor
with a wide hallway, about five and a half feet wide. So I’ve taken to
practicing riding up and down with my fingertips and hands helping me.

Anyway, I just discovered this group and have decided to come out. :slight_smile:


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