Newbie- What to buy?

What does a older newbie buy to learn to ride up and down the street? I’m 6’5, 230 pounds. Thanks

If it’s just for road riding then I’d suggest a Torker. If you plan on going offroad at all I’d say a Nimbus.

I would say a club 24 for somone of your size a 24 would be best due to being tall. i am 6’4 and i prefer bigger wheels for crusing.

I looked at some of these, however the specifications put the weight limit at 180 pounds. Is this something to be concerned about?

The club series and the other starter unicycles suggested will be fine for learning, but they will not take any abuse from someone your size. Riding off a curb or hopping may bend the cranks. A more rugged (and expensive) alternative is the Nimbus II unicycles. They will take much more abuse with the ISIS hub and crank connection. Here is an example:

If you have the money it would be a good choice. If you want to do Muni eventually you could just start with an even sturdier muni-style unicycle and put a street tire on it to learn to ride.

Good luck with your riding.


I have a club 24 and my friend a torker tx, neither of them had any problems hopping, riding off a curb, or riding off road. However, we’re both under 200lbs.

I’m sure it would be fine to learn on, but I don’t know much past that as I only have experience at my mass.

6’5" and the end game is to ride pavement/sidewalk?

A very cheap 20 or 24 trainer to just learn on, then a larger wheel like a 29 or 36 once you learn to ride.

Up until recently I only knew the 24" wheel size but then moved on to a 26. I felt like it fit my height much better and after riding the 26 for some time I had a hard time going back to my 24 on pavement because it felt far too slow by comparison.

I got a 29er and had a similar experience comparing it to the 26 and one day I hope to be able to afford a 36er and have the experience all over again comparing it to the 29er.

I have been riding a little over a year, and I learned on a 20 in. Moved up to a 29 in. in 3 months and at 10 months got a 36 in. I am 5’ 10 " and 57 years old. I do mostly street riding and also ride on a smooth rail trail. i always wear wrist, knee pads and a helmet.

The least expensive 24" unicycle they sell at Unicycle.Com, like $75.

Then, if you get into unicycling you can buy yourself something nice.

If you decide it’s not for you, then someone will buy that uni from you or you can loan it out :slight_smile:

How would something like this do for a newbie?

It’s generally better to avoid no-name cheap unis. It will probably hold up for you to learn how to ride it (although even that isn’t guaranteed) but not much more than that.

I’ve only just started learning to ride and initially jumped on my lads cheap and cheerful 20’ starter. He’s 11 and learned fine on it but when I started on it the threads in the cranks for the pedals gave up very quickly. I’m 200 pounds and I now have a 24’ Nimbus Muni, built like a brick outhouse and well worth the money. When you first start all your weight tends to be on the pedals and I don’t think the cheap ones are up to it. :o