Newbie unicyclist progress report

Hey there everybody,

I have just bought my first unicycle ( a 24" from eBay, don’t know the brand) and started teaching myself (at the ripe age of 25) yesterday. It was an impulse buy, which I don’t care about, becuase as a learner, the prospect of trashing a more expensive one is not favourable:D .

I have read this site avidly for a few weeks now, and really feel like this is the kind of sport that I would fit right into, crazy enough for the norm, but normal enough for the crazies!!

I think that once I have sort of mastered riding without slamming into the wall, I might start saving for a good unicycle.

Thanks for listening,


Very cool!!!
As far as I can gather their are some wicked things happening in regards to unicyling in brisbane area. They held a muni weekend only a few weeks ago and there is a couple of serious riders (check out, it is based in brisbane)
Invest in a good unicycle at some stage but work out what you want it for first (freestyle, muni etc)

This is true, we’ve formed a great little group in the last couple of years and now we regularly go for group rides. We do lots of muni on Mt Cootha. You should move to Brisbane Liz, join in the fun. :slight_smile: Mark, a really good mountain and trials unicyclist from Bathurst, is moving to Brisbane too! It’s all happening.

Al, you should come out for a muni ride with us soon, it’s easier than you might think, even for beginners. You’ll soon realise how lucky we are to have Mt Cootha so close.