Newbie Uni Help.....

First off…I did search and while I found lots of info I wasn’t able to answer my question.

I am looking at purchasing my first Uni…I have decided to shell out a tiny bit more than the $100 or so I could get something off of ebay for and purchase something from UDC. That being said I am still…thrifty (sounds better than cheap) :smiley: so I am going to be going with a real basic model.

The two I am considering are the 24" club or the 20"club freestyle Both can be at my door for under $175 if I don’t order any options…(I am considering the gell seat)

Here is a brief overview of me:

180 lb

As stated in another post I am looking for something that will be fun to putz around with my kids while they go for a bike ride.

I am fairly certain that either one of these would work but I am tossed between the 20 and the 24…It seems like the 24 would provide a bit more zip but the 20 is more manuverable.

Just looking for reasons to go with one or the other…

Thanks in advance


I say go with the 24".

Go for the 24",less pedalling when trying to keep up with your kids.

Yup, 24".

Kids can move pretty quick when they want to, even the little ones!


20" are made to go nowhere fast.

If you want the next notch up, this Nimbus with a KH freeride seat is what I would pick.

It is twice the $ but easily worth it if you can do it.

I’m mostly saying that because of the OP’s size

The club is a sorta new thing, there are no reviews here that I know of. Looking at the specs, it’s a single wall rim, square hub (Nimbus square hubs are good). It is OK as a starter, but for 180 guy a 3 " soft tired muni is easier to ride over any bumps, rocks what have you, than the skinny hard tire. You could be done buying 24 " uni’s , as it would take a talented rider years of abuse to break the muni, plus the free ride seat is the best. Where as, the starter unis are designed for a 150 lb rider in mind. If you do much more than minor hops, it may break or bend something.

Minor hops will break things too. My 175lbs bent the cranks and hub on my Norco 24" by jumping onto both pedals at once.
If you get one of these, don’t do any hops until you want / need to upgrade. For me it took only 6 weeks.

When I bought my Norco, I had a hard time justifying the extra $$ for something I couldn’t even ride but now that I can, it was a no-brainer upgrading to a Nimbus.


Yeah, the deal depends a lot on your weight

A <120 lb rider might think the starter unis a great deal, jump all around and take months to break things, if ever. At >180 lbs, you are at the outer bell curve of happy buyers of starter unis. UDC USA used to have a description of some square drive unis that said something like " This uni is strong enough for a 150 lb rider to drop 6 ". Not an exact quote, and it is off the site now I think.

Vs the strong fat tired Nimbus with best seat. This is a case of really getting what you pay for.

On the other hand, his wife has doubts

In that case, buy a 20 " lx or club. It is easier to learn basics on than a 24. You can learn to idle on it while watching tv. A 20 uni is the best way to start out and after you show you are having a good time get the 24 muni.:slight_smile:

You won’t be able to keep up with the kids on bikes with a 24 anyway. Bikes just have to wait for us.:slight_smile:

I got to agree with Feel the light. Get a 24" Nimbus Muni if possible.

You didn’t mention how old the kids are.
From experience, if they’re on a 20" singlespeed bike, you should be fine on a 24", if they’re on anything smaller a 20" may do. Of course they’ll grow and when they upgrade you’ll need a 36" to keep up :wink:

I can’t keep up with a seven year old on my 24". She can’t ride backwards though:D.

I just purchased the 20" club after riding a 24" Schwinn. I haven’t received it yet, but I preferred my friend 20" over the 24".

Never mind a 20" singlespeed, my 5 y/o kid can leave me behind on my 24" uni while he’s on his 16" bike …handily.

I would say if you can squeeze the extra $100 go for the 24" nimbus muni. It will last alot longer.

Thanks for all for the replies…I am now really tossed :smiley: I was going to have a tough time justifying $175 for a uni…

My kids are 4 and 2 (only the 4 year old is riding a bike) he has tiny 12" wheels so a 24" should keep up to him for a bit. now to decide on which one lol

Argh…cant see the edit button…oh well
Just some food for thought…If I am not going to be going too crazy can minor upgrades be done to beef up the club 24"

I know sometimes it is better to pay more up front but sometimes expenses are also easer to spread out over time. (silly things like a mortgage…feeding and clothing a family etc…get in the way :smiley: )

I was thinking if I got the club can the wheel and hub be swapped for a better one say next spring when I have had a summer to learn?

Can you convert a club into a muni?

Basically, no. The frames and hubs don’t interchange between cotter less and ISIS. By the time you bought a new frame, hub wheelset, cranks and seat post, it would be cheaper to buy an all new Nimbus Muni .

You can upgrade a Nimbus Muni or trials to being “basically KH” by buying a new KH frame and seat post.

But don’t worry, you could have a lot of fun with a club. I would upgrade with 13 $ twisted pc pedals, and get the KH seat upgrade when you purchase.

Since your kid is only 4, perhaps you could take a training wheel off of an alternate side each day to really slow him down ? Perhaps impressing him with the idea that unicycles are easier to ride than bikes, at the same time ? LOL.

Seriously, this is no time to go easy on 4 year olds. I give myself less then 50/50 odds racing 5 year olds with training wheels. Once they taste victory you’re gonna want a 36 guni.

I think 24’s are more fun starting out. Faster and smoother. You might want to consider the 20 if you plan to get a muni soonish. If you get a muni, you will have no use for the club 24, but if you get a 20, you can use it to idle and ride backwards, teach children to small for a 24 etc.

Can you find a used 24" to get going?

Then once you get completely hooked - justify the difference for the Nimbus?