Newbie Unatic Seeking Opinions about Wheel Sizes

This is indeed my first post to this esteemed list. I
have recently joined the New York City Unatics
unicycling club. After learning enough to know that I
think I can do this, I am about to embark on my first
unicycle purchase and want to acquire a
moderately-priced uni that has some versatility for
different kinds of riding (read street riding as well
as toying around with beginniner offroad).
Physiological particulars that affect my choice: I’m
6’ 2", 180 pounds. I’ve been learning on the Pashley
Princesse’s own classic Schwinn 24" and now I want to
make a purchase choice.

I have been narrowing my choices down to the
following. I would like to do street riding (to keep
up with the Princess!) and experiment with light
offroad stuff. I have taken a spin (wobbly, yes) on a
Muni with a 24-inch wheel and 3" tire and liked the
feel a lot. So, I am thinking of getting a Sem XLW
which has a wide enough frame to accomodate both 2.1-
and 2.6-inch tires and 24-inch and 26-inch wheels. I
want to get one wheel/tire/crank set for the street
and one wheel/tire/crank set for offroad. I am hearing
conflicting advice, so I thought I would ask the wide
world and see who has some experience with these
choices. some say that at my height I should just go
for 26-inch everything. Summing up my questions:

Should I get a 24-inch wheel for street or offroad?
Should I get a 26-inch wheel for street or offroad?
Should I get both as 26-inch wheels?
What cranks would be best for street and offroad at
either the 24-inch or 26-inch wheel sizes and with the
2.1 or 2.6 wide tires?

Thanks to you all for any thoughts and advice.

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