newbie to the forums

I’m new to the forums, I bought a torker lx 20’’ unicycle from my friends reccomendation.

I’ve been riding for about a month and I’m having trouble freemounting. My friend told me not to push so hard on my back foot but that only works for me on his 24’’ muni. Can anybody give me some tips on this?

Try and keep practicing.

keep practicing, your friend is right when he tells you not to put alot of pressure on your back foot. If you do, the unicycle flies underneath you and you’re stuck with one foot on the pedal and it’s at the very bottom of it’s rotation. when the pedals are vertical like this it’s very hard to pedal from a standstill. Keep practicing and put weight on your saddle not your legs.

I helped both of my sons who ride learn to freemount by starting off with the wheel against a curb, and when they could do that, move to putting a 2x4 behind the wheel, and then a 1x1, and then a little rock. The idea I kept hammering into their heads was to try not to let the wheel roll backward, but stay in place as they mounted. The gradual step-down helped them learn to do this pretty well. If you already free-mount half the time or more, this may not help you, but it’s worth trying.

Practice putting little pressure on the back pedal every time you mount. Use a mailbox and press down on it to mount, then press down less on it every time until you don’t need to press down on it. I did this and actually learned to freemount before I could even ride.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Don’t think of it as stepping up onto the unicycle, think of it as hopping up onto the unicycle. If you do it in a quick motion it is really easy to get on, just hop up!

wow, i am completely different than all of you…when i first learned i learned by putting all my weight on the down pedal so that the wheel wouldnt roll away from me. it works for me and isnt hard to pedal out of…
thats also the way i have been teaching people to mount.

Yeah me 2. It’s so much easier to learn that way. :smiley:

Yeah, then just a-just to however you need to mount :wink:

All of these I think are fine for a satic mount, but a roll back mount you need a fair amount of pressure on that back pedal. I would just don’t let your cranks pass vertical before getting your foot on the other pedal.

A friend of mine learned to mount that way.

Roll back mounts are generally considered the easiest, then static, then the one uniteez used, but not nessesarily so.

when i learned i used a 24 shwinn. I basically got tired of trying to do static mounts so i would walk at a good pace and when the left pedal finished passing the ground i would jump on it and put my other foot on the other pedal. It was kind of all scary and i did have one or two big crashes since the uni was so tall for me. But it worked.

Here is my two cents:

Again, your friend is right but, you probably knew that and it did not help you.

First, a little physics, Since, a 24 inch wheel will go farther than a 20 inch wheel in one revolution, more force is needed to set it in motion.

Two, difference amounts of force is required at difference crank angles, i.e.
it is easier to pedal at 9 and 3 o’clock then 12 and 6 o’clock.

Next, put your foot on the rear pedal, put the seat in your crotch, lean forward as much as possible, jump up a couple of inches with your other
foot to see if to wheel moves. If the uni moves forward move the crank angle higher, if it move backward move the pedal lower. Keep test jumping
a couple of inches and adjusting the pedal until the unicycle does not move, then, mount the uni and ride off.

By the way, I have been riding for three months and only leaned to freemount today! At, one month I could not curb mount. So, you are doing well.

Hope this helps