Newbie to here

I just wanted to introduce myself
I stumbled onto this site last week and havent stopped reading since, I have been UNIing on and off for 30 years and never new about this site, till I was riding in Roseville and someone told me about this and UDC great sites great info

Did you see the 2002 Roseville phonebook?
Picture is here (scroll to the middle of the page)
Story is here

welcome to the forums

[tips tophat]

i just recently bought a Bowler hat
which i’ll tip in greeting

how did u first get into unicycling?

Got my first Uni for my 12th B-day and soon after destroyed it jumping of friends bicycle jumps with it and then got a Schwinn 20 and rode that for the next 20 yrs ( apparently I wasnt into it enough to figure out to get a better Uni ) Now I still have my old Schwinn and a few more

Yeah I kept that book just for the cover

She was a daaay tripper, a one way ticket, yeah. It took me soooo long to find out, and I found out.


welcome to the fora.