Newbie Question

I am about looking for a unicycle that isn’t a newbie unicycle because I won’t be able to afford to upgrade as fast as I hear everyone say I will want to.
So, I was wondering if I bought a unicycle…for example…|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50#ebayphotohosting

Would I then be able to eventually put a trials wheel on it? Or is the fork size different?
Also, what is a good brand to be looking for?
I’ll be looking for used trials unless the above questions works out in my favor.

Also, are all trials uni’s 20" tires, or do the vary depending on weight, height, or just preference?

Thanks in advance!


Trials frames are 20", but the tires are 19" and pretty fat. If you really want to do trials you would do well to find a used uni in your price range that isn’t too beat up. I can’t imagine that a learner is going to handle the abuse of trials for very long.

The CX is regarded as one of the weakest learner’s you can get, and for only a little more the LX is a huge upgrade. If you really can’t spend much more you might want to consider the Club 20" on It’s only a little more expensive, and most people would agree that it is better in every way.

It has 40mm bearing holders, and so won’t really fit an ISIS hub straight out of the box, but some cyclists have had good experience with the ISIS 42mm bearings in the pressed holders that come on the Club frame.

Thanks for the fast reply. I realize it’s for beginner tricks, but what is the difference between “freestyle” and “trials” unicycles?
So because of different bearing sizes, I wouldn’t be able to upgrade the tire from the freestyle to a more aggressive tire in the future?

Any other facts I should know before purchasing a unicycle!?

Hawo Riot. :smiley:

1) Click where it says Types of unicycles. Its pretty much self explanatory.
2) Don’t buy a no name brand. Buy something like Torker, KH or Nimbus as these have a good to excellent reputation when it comes to unicycles in my opinion. Also look at how much you are willing to spend.

Thanks for the response.
I think I am going to buy the Club 20", Although I’m not positive on this inseam to seatpost ratio. It tells me on the page, im just a little slow to unicycle terms.

hey jtops i have the cx and i had for about 9 months now ive gone off 3 foot drops and the rim or any thing was not damaged but riot consider getting the avenir mountain unicycle its really a begginner trials i have that to and its holding up well

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