Newbie question about threadlocker

Do I need to use threadlocker on the four bolts used to attach the frame to the wheel?

Got my first flat last night. Patching the tube this morning. When I put the unicycle together, the four bolts used to attach the frame to the wheel had some blue paste-like threadlocker on them. Now that I’ve broken that threadlocking bond to take the wheel off, and the paste is all hard (and I’m assuming no longer good), should I use threadlocker on those bolts? I’m assuming a local hardware store would have some Loctite 242 Removable Threadlocker.


Meant to say when the unicycle was NEW and I put it together FOR THE FIRST TIME it had the threadlocker. That was a while ago. So, now that I’m putting it together for a 2nd time, should I bother with new threadlocker?

It’s not entirely required, but because the bolts don’t have much torque when installed properly (they should be only slightly more than hand-tight, maybe a half-turn each), it’s hard to get the right tension; too tight and the wheel won’t spin properly, too loose and the bearing caps will come loose. Threadlocker can help keep them from coming loose.

Thanks, Tholub! Makes sense.

I think I had over torqued the bolts before. Before, the wheel would spin freely for 120 deg or so and then stop (when I would spin the wheel very lightly by hand). I used your guidelines for torquing the bolts and it spins much better.


Cool. Yes, the wheel should spin freely when things are installed properly. Over-torquing the bolts is what most people do unless given instruction to the contrary.

I tighten all until they don’t wiggle w/ my hand, keeping the caps level, then tighten until the wheel noticably slows its spin then back off a 1/4 turn and repeat on the other side.

Also you could use nylon locking nuts. One uni I had the caps were notorious for loosening, so I used locking nuts and lock washers. That cured the problem.

The only thing I have found that I need thread locker for is the pins on my muni pedals. That being said, using them on your bearing cap pins looks to be a good idea. I don’t worry about my caps so much since I always carry the tools with me to do tech on my uni on the trail, I’ve come to learn what sounds my uni should and shouldnt be making.