Newbie Question about Pedal/Hub

Hi Folks.

I bought myself two used unicycles 20 inch. One old “circus model” and one Nimbus
Trials with a heavy tyre. Im a bit aged, in my late 40es. The learning curve for keeping up a stable balance over time was quite steep.

I also have an old injury that has unbalanced my body, meaning that my left side is even more dominant than it would have been naturally, as I am left dominant, for taking corrective control.

So my problem is: Both unicycles get the tendency to get a loose the left pedal arm screw hold. I guess I myself is the problem, but I know as well that this will be difficult to change.

Is there any fortification one can make, or is there a super strong unicycle on the market that I could purchase. Or I may have to lay off the whole hobby.


I’m not certain that I understand what you mean, but if your pedal is consistently loosening there are 2 things that you can try.

  1. Make sure that you have the wheel on the right direction. It is very easy to install it and then ride it backward. If it is on backward, the pedals will loosen and fall out because of the direction that the threads are cut.

  2. If that wasn’t the problem, using some loctite on your pedal threads could clear it up. I don’t really know which kind would be the best to use, but I’m sure someone else does.


It happens sometimes that a crank or pedal get loose even with good quality equipment. Once you made sure that you are using the left crank & pedal on the left (and right on the right) and tightened everything properly, you will need to use loctite.

Loctite thread locker is usually referred by color indicating the strength.
I you case you want the blue one to be able to still disassemble the parts.

Keep up with your training :wink:

+1 Loctite

Cotterless cranks are prone to loosening cranks. Isis not so much but possible i guess

Dont hang the Unis up just yet whatever you do! If anything progress to a larger wheel and enjoy your uniing for many more miles!

All the best

Are you referring to the crank arm bolt, or the pedals themselves? If the pedals are unscrewing, it’s probably because you’re riding the uni backwards; check the pedals for L and R markings.

If the crank is loosening, you’re probably not putting enough force into it. It requires a lot of force, spec’ed at 25 foot-pounds. Get the longest wrench you have and really crank on it, or use a torque wrench.

… Or there is a bit of grease on the pedal/crank or axle/crank bolt, whichever is loosening.

I had that problem on my cranks. Kept going to higher torques, up to 65 ft-lbs and then red locktight (permanent) w/ still loosening until the bolt broke in the axle. After getting the bolt remnants out I cleaned the threads w/ acetone and tourqed to 45ft-lbs w/ blue locktight and its never loosened since.