Newbie Question about a tire

Hi all,

I’m new to all things about unicycling. My wife surprised me with a uni for Christmas. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try and am having a blast so far. After 3 days, I can go about 40 with with a slight turn near the end (I’m still only practicing inside the house). I have a Torker 24" Unistar CX. It seems like a pretty decent uni (not that I’d know the difference if it wasn’t). But, last night I noticed that the part of the tire that is always down when I mount is bulging out. The tire wall is starting to come out the rim. I can’t see the tube yet, but is this normal? Can I fix this? If so, how? And, is this a decent uni for a beginner?


Hi and welcome to the forums. Yes the torker cx is a decent begginer uni, I still have mine at least, but you probably have already found out that the seat is horribley uncomfortable. don’t take it off road. I also found the tubes don’t last very long.

That same thing with your tire happened to me. All you have to do is deflate all of the air out of the tube, rearrange the tire, and when you pump it up again keep your hand on the tire and press it in so it wont pop out again when it is being pumped up.



Thanks for the info. Yes, the seat is rather uncomfy. On my second day, it felt like I was bruised.

I’ll redo the tire tonight.