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Just a new guy signing onto this Forum.

Bought a Sweet ToRKER from Krashinkenny a while back, and need all the help I can get in learning how to ride it!

So far, I’ve excelled at scuffing my helment and pads :astonished: :roll_eyes: :sunglasses:

Shoot me some advice?

This site is pretty helpful. But i mostly just hung on to something and tried to keep pedaling. Find a nice wide open flat surface to ride on. Be persistant and determined. More than half of learning to ride a uni is mental. No s***.

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good to have u!

keep your weight on the seat
(repeat that to yourself ad nauseum and u should be OK)

keep us posted with your progress and keep track of how long it takes u to learn
post your results here

Hey Weegz, glad to see you over here!!! Bring the Torker to MOJOFest this weekend and I’ll give ya’ some pointers. I’ll bring the saddles, too. Here’s a lot of tips in the link I started when I came here:

Like XWonka said, persistance is the key. Many beginners find that if they are about to fall, they seem to “glue” their feet to the pedals. This can cause nasty falls which can really put you off wanting to learn. This problem can be solved by putting your weight onto the seat more.

How far are you with your learning? Can you ride happily for a few yards without falling or are you clinging like mad to a wall/car/person’s arm?

My important advice… Just have fun! If learning is not fun then it becomes a chore. If you find your progress is a bit slow just remember, we’ve all been there too!

Keep us posted!



How are ya Bruther???

Long time.

At work now, but I’ll check this stuff out:D

Rember my rationale as to WHY I bought it (and want to learn to ride it):smiley: :sunglasses:

I have started teaching my wife, and she has learned more in 2 hours than I learned in 10.

  1. Start off learning the Freemount. (I learned to ride first, and took forever to learn the transition to starting off freemounting)

  2. When freemounting
    a. Have pedals at 4 and 10. The back pedal being at 4.
    b. Seat firmly in crotch.
    c. Put rear foot on pedal. Push the uni forward with rear leg to create a little momentum and launch off your foot that is still on the ground. (This will get the pedals to about 9 and 3)
    I have also heard someone say the sensation should be similar to when you step over someone without putting any weight on the foot that is on them.
    d. As you are falling forward push down hard on the forward pedal and keep pedaling until you come off the Uni.
    e. Do this over and over and over. After a while you will pedal 2 or 3 revolution, then 4 or 5 and so on.

In about 2 hours my wife was freemounting and pedaling about 4 to 5 revolutions. This was 2 lessons about a week apart. For some reason Moms don’t have as much practice time.:frowning:

It worked well for her, others may not find this to work as well. I just tried to give her tips based on what I do know rather than what I started off doing. I thought this might accelerate the learning curve.

Welcome to the most fun thing I found in years!

Don’t practice for more than 20 minutes, you’ll get tired and just learn your mistakes. Work at it for 20 (or less), do something else for an hour or more, then have some more fun. Don’t practice when you’re tired, you’ll just get frustrated.:frowning:

Don’t try to stifle what your body wants to do, unless you been told to. Fer instance, some people try not to move (flail) their arms—at first flailing will help a lot, just don’t let it be a hobbit-uh, habit. Some of the things your body wants to do are its way of learning the proper actions. Some, like putting your weight on the pedals and not in the seat, are because your body can be wrong, too, but you can teach it. :sunglasses:

Actually, I think that the weight-on-the-pedals thing is because you’re a little scared and getting the fight-or-flight thing and you can’t do either sitting. Ok, ok, so you’re not scared, how about apprehensive? Sheesh, some people are soooo touchy.:wink: The difference is just polysyllabic obfuscation anyway, so there.:smiley:

“To not decide is to decide” - undecided

This sounds a lot like a line from that old Who song:

“if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”

Dang Kenny…

That was a RUSH song:p

Yes weegz, you’re right. I guess I had a brain fart, it’s hell getting old!

Hehheheheh…You know me…The DUDE of Rock Trivia :smiley:

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On Thu, 19 Jun 2003 05:04:44 -0500, Weegz
<> wrote:

>Shoot me some advice?

  1. Try and find a rider who can instruct/correct you on the fly.
  2. Once you can ride a bit, ride hand in hand with him/her for

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On Thu, 19 Jun 2003 08:31:14 -0500, bugman
<> wrote:

>For some reason
>Moms don’t have as much practice time.:frowning:
Females learn 18% quicker than males (based on the first batch of
responses in the How long did it take you to learn? thread). As for
the reason, no idea.

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“No two crotches are alike. If they are, I don’t want to know about it. - John Foss, on seat comfort.”

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Does that mean my Sweetie needs to get a Uni

Whaddya think Kenny, could you see her on one?:smiley:

I’m bringing the 24" piece of crap, the 24x3 Yuni Muni and my new big 28" to MOJOFest. Let’s see what we can do!!!

so name three left-handed, bass-playing lead vocalists


What day/wehn ya gonna be there?!?!?!?

I have all my pads (in my case, more like Body Armor!) in a bag already:D

Dang Buddy…

I’m talkin’ group/artist, title, year stuff…Not the amount of Metamucil the Rolling Stones consumed on their last tour:D


Paul McArtney…

And I remember Jimmi always played a RH Stratocaster left-handed…

yeah, that’s right!
qualify your boasting once u get called out!!!


Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy

now u just need one more…