newbie needs help

I’m an avid juggler and am looking to learn how to ride a unicycle.
I’m having trouble finding a proper guide for buying my first uni.

My problem is that, I am sort of a big guy and am concerned that I’ll
break a weaker one or, that I just won’t fit properly onto an average

I am 6’5" and weigh roughly 230lbs, if that helps anyone. I’m also
30yo. I know that most people learn how to ride when they’re much
younger but, considering my background in skateboarding and my ability
to ride a rola-bola really well, I don’t really see it as being out of

I’ve seen tons of articles on how to ride one but, not one that helps
people pick one out that will fit them.

I’m just looking for something to ride around. I probably won’t be
doing anything more than juggling while riding it. Just needing to
know a few pointers about wheel size, tire pressure, seat height,
total weight, brands, prices, etc…

Thanks alot,

I suggest something like the Nimbus II:
(w/ the 400mm seat post)

It’s stronger than the standard freestyle models yet retains simplicity and ease of movement. The Torker LX is another alternative for about half the price, but I don’t know how well it would hold up given your physical size.

Don’t worry about beinig too old to learn unicycling, I learned at 46 and love it. The learning curve is pretty flat so give it some time.

The LX should hold up fine if you don’t do any kind of hopping or drops with it. If you do plan on dooing anything where you hop at all at 230lbs I would definately get something splined like the Nimbus ISIS.

Since you are 6’5" a 24" unicycle might be more your size to learn on.

Nimbus 24" ISIS cruiser
Torker LX 24

I would personaly lean towards getting the LX and put the money you saved into a MUni (Mountain Unicycle) or Trials unicycle later if you decide to go that route. It isn’t much fun to hop on a skinny tire anyway.

There are many examples on these forums that show that it is never to late to learn, and you have an excelent base to work off of. You should be riding in no time!