Newbie + Muni = Laughter

My first time riding a uni was 6 months ago; I’ve since become addicted to Muni.

I’ve decided to expand my video spamming beyond ‘The Learning Journal’ thread;

First half: usual ‘rock star’ footage. Second half: reality, how we learn, the hard way :slight_smile:

I hope you all laugh as hard as I do when I watch it!

That was very funny! Thanks for posting it. The blood, sweat, tears, and effort in the second half of the video is what makes the rock star portion even more meaningful. Well done!

Thanks for that video mate, makes me want a muni all the more knowing people aren’t perfect at it straight away as a lot of the ‘rockstar’ videos out there would have you believe.
Thoroughly enjoyed :slight_smile:

Great video! It’s nice to see all the hard work that went into the riding for a change!

That was a right goodie and good to be reminded the fun, agony, heartbreak, joy and sheer force of will that goes along with MUni…

nice vid the 2nd half was just like my muni ride a big difference from riding round the park i fell off at every leaf :smiley:

That’s pretty daring riding so close to the camera:) I’d be afraid I’d run into and break it:o

Most of your UPD’s are off the front. Just before you hit the log lean back a bit, pull up hard on the handle, and crank over it. On lots of bumps like the stream crossings, keep your weitght centered (but a tad back than cruising), pull up on the handle and try to keep a smooth consistent cadence.

Basically if youre falling of the front a lot, lean back at those moments.

A higher volume tire will help. I asked UDC once and I think they said the Nimbus 29 would fit a Stout 2.3". And/or you could use a thicker tube, slime lined tube, or do a tubeless conversion so you could lower the pressure a bit.

I’m glad you all enjoyed the video - I enjoyed making it, and of course the riding too.

skilewis: excellent advice. I’m decent at rolling over small logs in the way you describe, but I’m intentionally practicing the forward rolling hop that is necessary for bigger stuff. Hence all the funny dismounts. That and the 2.1" tire doesn’t have enough volume to keep the rim from singing when I hit stuff hard - no pinch flats yet though, I’ve been lucky.
I’ll be building a 26" dedicated muni soon, with a higher volume tire. And investing in some leg armor, etc. :slight_smile: I’ll keep the 29’er as is for the fast XC singletrack and dirt road rides.

When I do build the 26’er, that will be uni #3 within six months of my first ride. A sign of addiction?