Newbie Muni Attempt

My video is lame compared to most of them that get posted here. I had a unicycle for exactly 1 month when I filmed this a couple days ago (despite the 6 weeks I show on the video). So despite my poor form and the relatively easy trail, I’m pretty proud of this given my newness to the sport.

I don’t know if you can tell in the video how much fun I’m having…

Welcome, & thanks for sharing.

You look very relaxed on the uni, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking your off road riding to the next step,which would be to start holding on to the seat for some added control.

Stay with it, and have more fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Harley. Good advice…I’ll start working on seat-holding more. Just got in from practicing hops–not pretty.

You’re doing great for 6 weeks, keep it up! Nice uni too.

Thanks, David. I like the uni too. I’ve been doing this for less than 2 months and I’ve already got 2 unicycles (20" and 26"). Of course now I’m thinking about when to get myself a 36", so this is turning into an expensive activity! My urge to acquire unicycles is outpacing my ability, I’m afraid.

Congrats! You’re doing fine. Just one thing, and I know it sounds kind of bothersome… But I think you should consider using protective gear. IMHO Helmet, wrist gloves and knee/shin guards are must for Muni…

Have fun,

WOW :astonished:
You’re doing amazing for 6 weeks. Freemounting, turning, control. Brilliant. Keep it up, looks like you’re having fun.:slight_smile:

You’re totally right. I do wear a helmet when I’m riding in public, but when I’m tooling around the house like in the video I often don’t. False sense of security I guess, but I’ll change that.

Thanks, that’s encouraging!

I was suprised how well and with such ease you attempted this downhill. Good that you included the bails part, now it looks more true :slight_smile: Anyway good riding for such a short time, so have fun and go hard!

Nice :slight_smile:

I recommend leg guards, they’ll boost your confidence. You don’t have to make sure your legs clear the pedals allowing you to wait longer before bailing.

Also start holding onto the handle. It’ll help keep the uni from flopping side to side, handle bumps better, & put more power to the pedals for steep up and downhills.

Thanks for the tips. I’ve gotten a bit better since I made the video and I am holding the seat a lot more now. I’ve still got a lot to learn, so I appreciate the link to “Unicyclopedia”–just bookmarked it.