Newbie - mounts and rides!

So… after nine hours of daily practice- We’ve got it! As some of you know, my daughter and I practice at a quarter mile long running track. I can now free mount and make it 1/2 to 3/4 around that track. It feels great! I can also turn left and right without much effort.

May daughter still can’t free mount, but she cruises for quite a distance- 15-20 meters or more. She has almost gotten over her fear of falling and was even trying to free mount yesterday. Where I will ride until I fall off, she rides until she feels like she’s losing some control and then dismounts. She’s an extremely competitive person and seeing her father (the old guy in her eyes) tooling off without her, gave her the necessary inspiration (grin).

It’s strange, we had practiced an hour every day for 8 days, and on the ninth day we took a break due to the fact that I thought I was coming down with the flu. The next practice we just did it… and it’s a hoot!

I’ve mentioned before that my wife and I also have a five year old son. He saw us riding (and smirking) yesterday and now he can’t wait to try it too. The plan is to buy him a Uni next spring after he’s grown a little bit.

Here’s the score so far:

Myself: age 35
Uni Name: Nut Buster

9 hours practice
can free mount
long rides (1/8 mile or more)
left/right turns
one ‘high velocity’ ejection (doh!)
one shredded pair of trousers
two aching nads (boxer briefs really help!)
falls off at end of ride

My Daughter: age 11
Uni Name: Tail Torquer

9 hours practice
Working on free mount
long rides (15-20 meters)
some turning
one bruised tailbone (tried to solo too early)
dismounts gracefully

One interesting thing worth mentioning is something my wife pointed out. When I ride, I use may arms very little except when turning. When my daughter rides, her arms move in a big semi-circular motion. I guess the difference comes down to style.

Today… we ride!

Re: Newbie - mounts and rides!

Congrats on the progress. You are ready for level 1 (I assume you can
dismount gracefully), and your daughter will be soon. My oldest
daughter was also eleven when she learned, and her progress was about
4 times as quick as mine. That’s typical, for kids vs parents. It took
me almost half a year to get a reliable freemount.

Klaas Bil

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>So… after nine hours of daily practice- We’ve got it!