Newbie made it to the other side!

After an occasional day or two wobbling next to the fence within the confined 20ft rideable area of the garden, I brought my new unicycle to the juggling club for the first time, bulkily concealed within a big anonymous green bag on my back. Only three other people there had legs as long as mine to ride it (400mm seatpost) and agreed it was good to ride, and then it was my turn.

Initially I was stuck at two or three revolutions before UPD and thought “here we go again”, but this time I wasn’t bailing out, it was the usual problem of making my feet “stick” to the pedals. It seems the fence practice has wrenched me away from bailing out, just thinking to myself “stay on, stay on”.

After about ten attempts I made it a third of the way, at the thirtieth I made it two thirds, then a third of the way, then a third of the way again, and again…

I decided to go widthways across the hall now for a change, and for the first time felt whether I was tipping too much forwards or backwards, and later on learnt to adjust the pedalling speed. Got widthways across most of the time, and discovered I could just about steer away from the wall and lengthways across the hall again.

Launching from the opposite corner I was able to go on a more-or-less straight course and consistently stopped between two-thirds and three-quarters across the hall.

Ten minutes from packing up time, so one last go after an hour or so before dismantling the unicycle…


But can I do it again? Assuming I can make my feet “stick” on the pedals (while keeping weight on seat) and assuming I don’t lean sideways too far and assuming I don’t stop with pedals vertical, I could do it again… …but I won’t find out until next week.

But I think I can…

Re: Newbie made it to the other side!

That’s all you need. Keep going!

Re: Newbie made it to the other side!

Why wait for the next week. Just go to any somewhat quieter place and just try and try. It doesn’t matter if the ground isn’t all nice and flat. It only makes you a better rider. I rode my first longer (30+ feet) rides on a rough sand road. After that the asphalt felt really strange to ride when I finally got to it. But it was a lot easier to learn to MUni afterwards when you knew even a little about what’s going on.