newbie looking to get into muni/trials??

hey guys, i’ve wanted a uni for the longest time now and i’ve finally decided its time to get one. I know ima stick with it, munis and trials are what im planning on doing. I was looking at a torker lx, a cfg devil, and torker dx. I dont wanna go over 300$ Whats the story on cfg btw? thanx :wink:

Have you looked at any nimbus unis?


A 24" Muni is better at doing trials than a trials uni is at riding trails. So pick the one you think you’ll like more.

The LX is good for learning, freestyle and cruising, but too week for trials or Muni.

Except for the Koxx all of the Munis have break mounts (but most ride Muni w/o breaks).

DX - cheap, strong, heavy, narrowest rim, and some parts have odd sizes so harder to replace/upgrade parts

steel Devil - wide rim, medium weigt & price, lots of colors to choose from, and the frame dents easily.

Kris Holm - expensive, strong, light, wide rim.

Also consider the Nimbus - Super strong, cheap, heavy, available in lots of colors, and medium width rim.

& Qu-Ax: Super strong, medium weight and $, and a wide rim.

IMO if you have the money KH, not the Qu-Ax, if you’re broke get the Nimbus.

i havent really checked out nimbus, but i will, and heres a link for the cfg. It looks like a photocopy of a koxx and thats the one i was kinda likin.

Actually, a stock Nimbus 24" muni weighs less than a stock KH24 according to UDC. So I wouldn’t call the Nimbus Muni overweight.

Looks like CFG is the resaler, not the model.

Max - It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at the weights, I was basing that more on what I’ve read hear and that steel is heavier than aluminum for a given strength.

All of the Nimbus Munis and trials are listed slightly heavier or lighter than the KH, depending on which color you look at on both UDC US and UDC UK. So their posted stats of the weights seem pretty inconsistent on these unis :frowning:

A reason why the Nimbus’ may actually be lighter is they usually come stock w/ lighter, weaker cranks than the KH.

When choosing a uni, there are three options: cheap, strong, or lightweight. You can only have two of these.

For your price range, I would recommend the Nimbus 24" MUni. I’ve had mine for over a year, and absolutely love it.

I hope I am not spreading false rumours but I heard that the CGF unicycles were all made for Koxx in Taiwan (or wherever they get their frames made) and for one reason or another Koxx did not buy them so the were sold to someone else. Some people say that they are rejected frames etc, but others say that they are exactly the same and have no defects.

I haven’t heard any complaints on here from anyone who bought one. My guess is they are just unbranded Koxx unicycles and perfectly fine.

well on meijer they have the black domina II for 185 and i really like it, is it a cfg? it doesnt mention it

I think I remember reading from a K1 team rider that they’re just clearing out old stock, as they’re coming out with tons of new stuff right now (railhunter, cf frames, ect). Some people in my club have gotten them and they’ve been great from what I’ve seen, except in some cases there isn’t enough clearance so the tire and frame rub (which will fix itself over time as the tire wears down, or you can sand the frame or tire). I would definitely recommend that Black Domina from out of the ones you’re looking at, some of the other cheap K1s have a different frame, the Devil frame, which is much worse, the KH unicycles are great but more than twice the price, and the Nimbus isn’t as good plus cost more.

Unless you want a 24" muni, then just ignore this. :stuck_out_tongue:

i think im just gonna go the k1 route im more interested in them then the nimbus, ok so would a white russian or domina be the way to go? I’m liking both

thanks for all the help and suggestions btw, i appreciate it :smiley:

welp searched around the forum some and it seems that the black domina II is the better uni, ordering it tomorrow im excited! :stuck_out_tongue: