newbie looking for a giraffe unicycle.

hi as in the title im new, well new to the foum, i ride a 20" uni and i am looking for a giraffe uni what would be the best giraffe for someone who has never ridden a giraffe before?
please help

It depends on how much you want to spend… If money isn’t too much of a problem, something like this one or this one would be good for beginers and experts alike. But if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money and just want a good, solid, basic giraffe I would recomend the Torker TX, which is the one I have myself.

Also, the Savage is on sale at the moment, for $99. This one is the cheapest, but it’s also really basic, esp. the saddle, which isn’t too comfy. I would definitly go for the Torker over this.

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

Ollie, if you look in the product review section there’s a thread about the TX. It’s pretty good, i’m contemplating going for a ride right now on mine actually.

The TX is a really solid giraffe. I have one, and would reccommend it. It’s also fairly cheap. win-win. The Nimbus expanding giraffe thingey is pretty cool too on UDC. I wouldn’t recommend 8-foot mode till you are really confident though.

Woo giraffes rock, was feeling pretty bad earlier so decided to go for a couple of laps of the city centre. Did 25 mins with no falls and no attention from the police. I made people laugh, shook hands, had photos taken and one girl told me she loved me, i kid you not. The TX is the ultimate chick magnet, get one as soon as possible.

I have that one.
it’s a foot taller than the torker, which makes it a lot cooler, and better to be seen when street performing, but might take a bit longer to learn to mount.
The saddle isn’t that bad–you can easily do 3-4 miles or more a day on it (I do.)

I bought a shwin 6’ giraffe for 40$ from a guy that lives next door to me.
There is a guy who will make them for you but I don’t know how much they cost.

thanks for the help guys, what size do all of your ride, and what feels the best?

Go for the Torker giraffe, they seem to make good inexpensive solid stuff that’s perfect for beginners like you and me.

I ride a Bedford giraffe, which is about 5’7" at the height I keep the saddle. I can definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good giraffe. I’ve dropped it many times while learning various freestyle moves, and have even landed on it once or twice, but it’s still in great shape.

As to what height of giraffe you should buy, it probably depends on your priorities. If you want one that’s really impressive, go for a taller one, but remember that it will take a lot of dedication to learn to mount it. If you want one that you can freemount easily, go for a shorter one.

Before buying any giraffe, you should consider whether you want to spend your money on something which you probably won’t have much use for. Personally, I really enjoy riding my giraffe, but if you do mostly trials stuff you might get bored with it very quickly.