well sort of…got my start in the early 70’s :astonished: when i was 12, a Sears catalog brand,wore the heck out of it crusing the neighbor,(try to dig some vintage pic’s up),i’am 44 now and got back on one this past weekend,not a high dollar one,a Torker, but for $40 i could not pass it up,what a BLAST.!!!,it’s like a cadillac compared to the hard rubber tire one i started on…thought i’d share my story,thanks,UNO

Welcome back


:smiley: …lots of practice,

I had about the same experience. In the last 6 months I have bought 3. it’s addictive! Be careful!

Aye, welcome. It’s good to have you on the fora.

That’s one more of us and one less of them.

THANKS…for the welcome…it’s great to be back into it…

welcome(back) to the world greatest sport!


see if this works,one of the Torker and my “bikes”, click on my name wacowacko and my other rides will come up,

welcome back to the sport i guess that unicycle was pretty bad.