newbie help

I have only been riding a little over two weeks but I notice and others have noticed that my cadence is very jerky. I have been riding my mountain and cyclocross bikes for a long time and pretty much know how I should ride. I have adjusted my seat many times (up down) but to know avail. Is it because I am new at this or because I have a cheap 20 in avenir unicycle. I have short legs but a very long torso.

Hey there and welcome to the forums =D
For your problem, straighter riding will just come with experience and as your torso gets stronger (all the back and forth movement for the balance). The unicycle has very little to do with it in terms of quality. All I can say is that a higher tire Pressure rolls alot smoother and a higher seat is better for endurance and your knees. You’ll just have to wait it out for a month or two, I’m sure you’ll be riding straighter in no time =D

Also I just want to say, that there’s a good search function located in the upper right corner for the user experience. You can research there for future reference as chances are, most of our questions have been asked many times before =P


Naa. Just give it more time. You’ll get smoother with practice.

Your foward momentum will get smoother as you ride more and more, as well as your side-to-side steering. Because when you first learn to ride, you’re often making a lot of quick over-corrections, that’s what is looking jerky. Over time you will become more intune with your balance and it will subside. You can’t really compare it to anything, you can be a profesional road cyclist or downhill rider and have that same problem.

Whenever you are on your seat is most of your weight on the front of the seat, middle or the back of the seat?

Personally, most of my weight or in the middle and to the back of the seat, otherwise ‘stuff’ gets in the way.

smooth riding comes with more time on one wheel, it’s not something that can be corrected with simple instruction. Something that may help with turning, is to ride in figure-eights trying to make them smaller and smaller. The constant changing of direction will go a long way to improve your handling skills.

Mostly in the middle or the back, I’m often off the seat slightly as well to help with cushion. Most of my weight is on the bones right behind my “junk”

And to add to 4umfreak’s tips for steering, try to turn by shifting your body weight, as opposed to throwing you arms around to twist your uni in the direction you want to go, cuz that looks really sketchy.

Sounds like you are doing OK but if you really need help getting smoother try adding weight to your wheel or riding a larger unicycle, it will help you get smoother.

Mostly though smoothness comes with time and practice.

ischial tuberosities (sit bones)

It takes a while to get the saddle adjusted so your weight goes on your sit bones but that is where you want the weight to be. When viewed from the side the back should be flat. If both the back and front angle up then you will end up sitting in the middle and can do damage to softer tissue.

What kind of saddle do you have? If you are still on the original saddle that came with the Avenir (that is what I started on, and it was HORRIBLE), you will want to buy a more modern/comfortable/safe design like;

Velo Gel $35 (see
Schwinn Gel $39 (see or…)
Onza Limey $39 (…for all of these…)
Nimbus Gel $49 or $50
Kris Holm Street $65
Kris Holm Freeride $65

I am a new rider, and the advise you got above is correct. With more time your riding will smooth out. A 24" wheel would be a nice next-step. I like the 20" still for trying new stuff. Almost everyone ends up buying more than one uni (I started in Sept last year and have 4! But I am NOT suggesting you do the same ;)). By riding different size wheels you get different things, and your skills progress a lot. At least that has been my experience.

Have fun, and keep pushing yourself. You will be amazed how you progress. And keep coming back to the commUNIty often. As you can see you will get lots of help and encouragement here. :D:D

Is the torker cx 24in any good?

It is a good basic uni. I have a Torker CX20"; it is what I learned on. My Avenir 24" was next, but the bearing went bad so it is pretty useless now. I recently bought a Torker LX24". The LX is nicer than the CX, but both of them needed new saddles. The LX also needed a new seat post. Go figure. A major unicycle supplier making a unicycle with a seatpost that only works with the horrible (and I mean much worse than what came stock on your Avenir) saddle they decided to put on it.

Other than that the LX is actually pretty nice. But the CX is not a bad basic uni. It depends on how much money you want to spend, and how serious this uni thing is to you. If you think you are serious about it you may consider spending a little more to get a uni that will last many, many years and will be a joy to ride… If you want ideas I’m sure several people will give you more ideas than you could ever want ;):D. I bought my daughter the “Nimbus 2” 20" from (frequently referred to as UDC). It cost a little more, but man is it a nice little unicycle. I have ridden it several times and it is significantly nicer than a Torker CX. But this is all probably a lot more information than you asked for :astonished: