Newbie experiences and help

Well, I am riding again. I am the guy who broke his big toe 10 days ago. I rode yesterday and today. The weather is too nice, the uni too tempting and for the most part my toe feels better, but still not healed.

Today, I did not seem to be in the ZONE!!! I don’t know if it was just my perception or if something was different. I have about 8 total hours ride time in so far. I mount next to a garbage can an take off. Today it seemed I had trouble balancing from side to side. I never experienced this before.

I ride on the sidewalk. I am able to ride between 20 and 200ft without upd. The sidewalk I ride on curves by about 15 feet over the length of the 200feet, so I have a long gradual turn. I always seem to be able to stay on the sidewalk. Today, however, It just seemed my upper body was too tight, or I was always leaning to one side(right more than left) and overall, I think I rode slower today than ever. It was like maybe I was learning to turn better or possible trying to get some idling skills, but if so it was not a concious effort.

It also seems I am putting more weight on the seat. Before it was just like the seat was along to be held between my legs, but today I was putting at least 50% of my weight or more on it.

My next goal is to break the 200ft ride length without a upd. Once in a while I feel all my weight on the seat, I am leaning forward just slightly and my speed picks up. This is what I call the zone. It may happen for 10 or 15ft in each ride.

The other big difference today was that I made a very concious effort to look ahead 50-100ft. Prior to this my eyes always seemed to focus on the pavement 5 feet in front of me.

Sorry to ramble, any advice would be great! :slight_smile: