NEWBIE: Ebay Purchase Question

I want to get into unicycling, so the first step will be to purchase a unicycle. I went to Ebay to “window shop” and I also looked through the cycles available at and I realized that a persons wieght is a variable to consider when purchasing a unicycle. I wiegh 185 lbs.

Is it safe/smart to purchase a cheaper ($75) unicycle from Ebay over the recommended unicycle?

Thanks for the feedback, I’m looking forward to getting started!


Buy this if you want a 20"

what kind of unicycle is the $75 one? if it is the chrome torker then you dont want to get it. it’s a good unicycle, but the seat is terrible. It would be very very uncomfortable for somebody weighing 185 Lbs. I would also have to reccomend the black Torker 20" or 24" for a starter unicycle.


Be fore you ebay a uni, try looking at your LBS. If they don’t carry anything you like, ask them if they can order for you. It might cost a bit more then ebay, but I think it’s safer and they might offer some support for the products you order through them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my LBS could order things from Seattle Bike Supply/Torker for less then I could get them on ebay or


A friend bought a trials uni off EBay and asked me to refurbish it. When the uni arrived, the axle threads were stripped on one side. The ad said nothing about it. That refurb, then, also involved a new hub and a new set of spokes, and a wheel build. Luckily, most of the rest of the components were worth it, but it was quite close.

Whatever you do, do NOT buy a unicycle like this <; off of eBay. It has lollipop bearing holders that crack the frame, an evil seat that can cut your legs and is truly Savage, and is a waste of money.

The description for this unicycle starts with the line

which is a total joke.