newbie - devon

Hi guys, just got myself a trails unicycle lat week and just started to learn how to ride it. Is there anyone here from torquay/exter area who would like to meet me and show me how to ride it? :roll_eyes: i see there are a few meets in devon area but i doubt i am ready for that yet.


Hi, not quite in your area (up in bonnie Wales) and just starting myself, no where near level 1 yet but I’m working on it. Goodluck with the practicing… have you unicycled before? or are you already proficient to do trials? Me I want to hit the mountains…eventually! Only been on the site for a few days… nice bunch and very helpful, the seach key is a good way of finding out stuff you need. And I found “dudewithasocks” journal a big help! if your a complete newbie like what I am. :smiley:

yeah i just started, like never touched one before. I can free mount just about idle for a little while and go about 100meters if i’m lucky. I wanna get into the freestyle and trials. Looks soo much fun, seen loads of vids on here which makes me wanna learn even more. need to get shin pads soon though :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone is ready for a unimeet :stuck_out_tongue: get your self to one. I live in Bristol

Yes i want one now…


P.S No really, i really want one…

I second that. But in all seriousness (sp?) Yea i really wanna do that again.


Illl be up for a ride in Exeter sometime aswell, nice place

Yh i live in devon bude way i no thats in cornwall but its the only place anyone has heard of
Id definetly be up for a unimeet

Compared to the vast distances of the interstellar cosmos Kidderminster is but a mere step away… :slight_smile:


ohh well this is quite a quick reply already. cool so i will have to get on to coming to one of these meets. the camping one on the moor looks like fun.

With the muni meet on dartmoor- if your riding not up to the milage bring a bike or walking boots and go with the slower group. have your uni at the campsite or inthe car for messing about afterwards.
Indoor meets - none planned till September due to difficulties finding a hall during exam period and family/work commitments of the organisers. BUT when they do happen they are for any standard of rider from total wobbler to Lucus.

That’s a cunning plan. I’ve got a mountain bike I hardly ever ride since I got into muni - you’d be welcome to borrow it if you like the bike idea but don’t want to bring one with you. Anyway, by the end of May you’ll be good enough to keep up with us on a unicycle, won’t you :wink:


im from bonnie south wales (merthyr)