I’ve been riding for a short while and only on a 24er.i would like to get a bigger wheel for some distance riding.Can anyone help me decipher thru all the jargon.I know that has a big one but what other options do I have? Like rims and tires.Are all hubs the same?Thanks for your advice.

To my knowledge(which may not be entirely correct) there is only one tire for Cokers,(the Coker tire) and 2 rims(the stock steel rim and the Airfoil).

The hubs come in 2 sizes measured flange to flange 40mm(stock) and 60mm(UDC wide hub. Arguably stronger). And i belive there is a custom sized Coker hub from the Unicycle Factory which is 80mm across but it is not commercially available.

Please keep in mind that i am by no means a perfect source when it comes to Cokers but im pretty sure that the info ive given above is valid. If it isnt would someone please correct me?

There are two tyres available - the coker tyre, which has kind of small knobbles on it and there is also a UDC 36" tyre available - which is a slick tyre.

I think the wider hubs are stronger. I also think that the Airfoil rim is stronger than the stock steel rim but for the ‘ordinary’ user I don’t know how much difference it would make.

By the way, you’ll get much more replies if you post this in the main unicycling thread.