Newbie challenge- have trash will Uni


My family and I were at our local elementary school the other day so my daughter could practice her freemount and Uni around the running track when we noticed an unusual amount of litter (mostly cans and bottles) strewn all about the playground. Some jackass even buried a wine bottle under the loose gravel where the children’s play equipment is (big sigh).

Anyway, there wasn’t a trash can in site, so I Uni’d to a friends house near by, grabbed a garbage bag and Uni’d back to the playground. After me and my family picked up all the trash I freemounted (with the full trash bag in hand) and Uni’d back to my friends house to drop it off. I was able to freemount on the second try and Uni’d all the way without a crash. Yes, I am Uni-trash boy. :smiley:

So here’s my Newbie challenge. Try cleaning up some trash in your neighborhood and use your Uni to deliver it. It’s a challenge, it’s fun, and it makes your neighborhood a little nicer and safer place for kids and Unicyclists alike.

Also, I heard a new heckle yesterday while I was riding, someone shouted, “Can you juggle too?”. I gave no reply even though I can juggle a lttle bit minus my Uni, but hey… I’m no clown. :wink:

Nice … Glad to see you cleaning trash. I hate litter bugs