Newbie asking about uni specs for street uni-ing.

I’m new to this group and have been riding for the best part of 2.5 weeks and loving it. :smiley:
I’ve got the hang of riding and turning and starting to learn bunny hopping etc. I’m a skateboarder as well and if anyone here skates, you know that it’s 99% setting up things, or finding things on the street, and trying to do tricks on them. I’ve been going with a friend to skate spots and setting up obstacles, like see saws (you call them teeter totters I think) and planks down drops and pretty much anything that makes me scared when i do it hehe :astonished:
I can see a real lot of fun doing this kinda stuff on a unicycle. I’ve seen a little on it but not a great deal and I’m fairly clueless on what sort of equipment would be “ideal” for it or even what it’s called. it seems to be called Freestyle, but I’m not sure, I think that refers to something slightly different… :roll_eyes:
Obviously I’m still very very much a learner and I’m happy with the uni I’ve got now, but just wondering what sort of eq would be best for the future. (It’s started for me already. Wanting more unicycles that is. I notice 90% of the threads here, no matter what the starting subject may be, they end up in “I WANNA COKER, I WANNA YUNI MUNI!” lmao)
Now a question I’m wanting to ask is about grinding. :thinking:
Metal pedals? I’ve seen what I call a crank stall, not sure what the real name for it is, where you jump up onto a ledge by the crank and stall there for a bit. Sorry guys, hehe this post os going no where reasonably fast so I’ll leave you with my vague questions and hope you all figure out what the hell this Australian is going on about :stuck_out_tongue:
W. Australia

Freestyle is more like artistic/skills riding. Light, low-impact, quite difficult, very pretty (think olympic ice-skating performances).

Muni is offroad, BMX type stuff. High impact, expensive equipment. You’ll learn all about the expensive stuff fairly soon.

Trials is what you’ve been doing. Similar to skateboard tricks. Smaller unicycle - kind of like a tough free-style. High impact, fairly expensive equipment.

The trick you mentioned is called either a pedal grab or a crank grab.

This is pretty broad strokes information. You’ll get a lot more info if you hang around the board for a while, check previous posts, or wait for more smart people to respond. I think it will really help you to get the basic overview and “divisions” figured out if you check out this link:

These articles were written by John Foss. To quote his qualifications would take too much time. He’s kind of like the Vince McMahon of unicycling, but not really. He knows what he’s talking about.

boing boing <<< hopping…

if you are wanting a place to practice hopping (although that is not what you asked :wink: ) , i like those little concrete things at the “head” of parking spots, you know ths little thinies that are usually rectangular prism shaped… almost. they are usually around a foot or so where i live. i go to the little mini plaza and steal their parking lot, whilst the general public scatters. (!!! mad unicyclist in a parking lot !!! look out!!!) ive never hit anybody yet… and now before i ramble too much, is a diagram of said little concrete things at the head of parking spots:
/_\ <<<< side view

top>>>> ____
view>>> |____|

other>>>>>>> ____
side view>> >> |____|

i hope this helps… my diagrams are a bit off. if youve seent hem youll know what i mean. thats what i use to get a bit of practice hopping. and the skaters seem to like what im doing, although i myself am not a skater. hopping rules!!! im not obsessive…

Don’t worry ‘unisteve’, I know what you’re talking about.


It’s nice to know that there are some other Australians out there riding unicycles, it’s a pitty you’re in Western Australia though. I think a lot of what you’re doing is sort of northshore stuff but taken out of forests and put into skateparks. I do heaps of this at home and it’s really fun. If you want more ideas on making these obstacles, go to this album and you’ll see some really good pictures. It’s a pity there are no videos though. Also, you should try making a sandwich board. I’ve got a video of mine here and some photos of it here.

Good luck,
Andrew Carter

Trials! That’s it!

Trials, that it :slight_smile:
Thanks for your replies. (hey, it’s not a pity I’m from W. Australia, we happen to like it over here :wink: ) I don’t really need other people to unicycle with at this point. I’ve got a guy I’m talking with over e-mail (make that typing with) whome I might meet up with.
Those trials cycles look pretty bad-ass. So do their price tags, but I’ve spent more money on my smallest powerkite for kitebuggying so I’m sure I can scrounge that cash. Man that Kris Holm is one bent bastard isn’t he?! (pardon moi french)
Thanks for those links, I was supprised not to have seen them as I have about a billion unicycle links as I tend to spend a week researching something before getting into it (I have too many hobbies to name.) The fat tires on those Trials cycles look really good for hopping and really grippy.
I’ve absolutly no idea where to buy one though becuase they wouldn’t sell them over here, I’d have to get something shipped over from eastern states.
On a final through, why, when it comes by truck, it’s called a SHIPment, but when it’s by ship, it’s CARgo… anyways, thanks for your posts. I’m sure you’ll be seeing my garbled posts again soon. :smiley:
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Re: Newbie asking about uni specs for street uni-ing.

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>On a final through, why, when it comes by truck, it’s called a SHIPment,
>but when it’s by ship, it’s CARgo…

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Re: Newbie asking about uni specs for street uni-ing.

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>I think the sig can return; I’ve not seen a duplicate post for ages,
>since the stuck-script incident.
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