Newbie alert.

Hi, I’m new to this list as well as to unicycling which, although I have juggled
for years just never seemed like my thing, how wrong I was.

I have just got a 24" generic brand unicycle and a couple of weeks ago I got my
first “You’re missing a wheel!” Such a proud moment. Of course, by now I’ve
progressed to complaining expertly about how stupid those questions are (and
really like some of the answers proposed on-list lately.)

I have had some problems with my unicycle which mean that I need to get those
circle things with the grooves on them that fit under the seat and lock into the
other bits with the grooves on them. Could someone (who can actually decifer my
description) tell me what those things are called so I can ask the bike shop to
order them? Also, if there’s a compairable part on a bicycle that might help too
since the guy in the shop only knows about bikes and not unicycles (hense the
problem in the first place)

Anne. UIN:2498875 <> “Oh no, not
again.” – A bowl of petunias on it’s way to certain death.