newbie advice

whats up, Im new to the site and unicycling. Ive only been riding for a week now, everyday and i have some problems. Whats the comfyiest seat you guys know of? My inner thighs hurt after 20mins of riding.(I have the worst seat ever) Also this might seem weird but everytime I try to free mount i sit on my balls and they get crushed. This is preventing me from learning this becuase it hurts everytime so I avoid trying it. Do you guys know how i can prevent this?


Two things:

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Hawo Ripster, my name is Harry. Check your PM. :smiley:

1) I think a KH Designed Saddle might be a good seat for you. As this is the cheapest one to buy and of good quality as well.
2) This might help you.
3) I think you should learn to sit forward on the seat and follow Number 2 as well.

The comfiest seat off the shelf right now is probably the KH Fusion Freeride but I prefer something like the Nimbus Hightop with about half the foam removed and custom shaped to fit me.

To avoid sitting on your balls bring the seat too far back when you first get on then use the front of your seat to sort of scoop them out of the way when you sit down. Either that or use compression shorts.

I find that the Nimbus Gel Saddle combined with Gel-Padded Bike Shorts got rid of all my soreness.

I don’t have the same anatomy as you, so I can’t comment on the squishing problem.

Good luck and have fun.

I had a similar problem learning to free mount, try to sit forward more on the seat. Also as you are starting hold the seat in its “sitting” position from the start and then let go only after your weight is on it (so that it doesn’t shift). Your legs will get used to the seat too, its nothing like a traditional bike seat, but after a few hours its all good. Good Luck!

realized more problems

As i started to ride more i realized that my right foot is alot more dominate than my left. I use my right foot more to go forward and the left to slow down and keep the wheel under me. This causes me to ride/lean to the left most of the time. When i go up and down my street im always on the left side of the road. Ive gotton better tho, i can free mount 90 percent of the time and when i dont its because i sit on my balls and i try to adjust and fall. Also my seat looks like its bent to the left a little which i think cause me to lean to the left as well but ive only been ridding for a week and a half so what do i kno… What do you think is the problem?

Regarding seats, I have a KH Fusion Street and a Nimbus Gel, I find the Nimbus to be more comfortable. I now have a Carbon Fibre base on it along with a KH Fusion cover, and it feels better than before.

Regarding the accidental sitting on of balls, you will in time learn ways around the that. You could try lowering the seat a little, and adjusting yourself as you ride along.

Try to use both legs to regulate your speed, rather than one leg for braking and the other for acceleration. Again though, this will come with time.