Newbee and TCUC member

Hi All!

I found very helpful info on this site since I started in May of this year.

I’m reading up mostly on tips on techniques…working to hopefully pass level 2 (and 3) of uniusa tests thru TwinCities Unicycling Club.

I currently ride a 20" Sun Classic and a 29" Nimbus Oracle Road.


Let me be the first to welcome you!

This site has been a wealth of information to me since starting out on one wheel just over a year ago. Tips, techniques, products, and learning about different types of unicycling. I honestly don’t think I would be as far as I am today had I not discovered this forum.

I assume you’re from the twin cities area. Have yet to connect with TCUC but am hoping to run into them in an upcoming parade I will be in.


It’s cool to hear from you. Here’s the TCUC calendar in case you want to catch the freestyle team’s public performances this week…

I missed out…I was going to watch the July 4 parade at 10AM in Eagan, MN in support of TCUC, but I overslept :frowning: Oh well, now I have a few hours to practice idling.

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