im a begginer, i just got this accont and want to know if anyone has any tips (i have been uniing 4 like year on a and off)


Tips for what though, riding, jumping, street stuff, freestyle? lol

well,i wanna know what the trick to walking the wheele is…i always get about 5 puches and then fall on ma behind

Wait… hang on a minute :

I think there is your problem, you are doing it all wrong.

explain please

Lol. =p

Anyways, for wheel walking, start by holding onto a rail or a wall. Lean back a little and start pushing. Remember to go smooth and slowly, going from the toe of your shoe, pushing all the way to the heel of the same foot, right as the foot reaches the heel, your other foot should already be on the tire to continue the pushing.

Really all it takes is lots of practice. Some people can learn it in a week, others have taken over a year to get it down.

Its a fun skill to have once you get it though, then you can start doing it down stairs like me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also suggest(in addition to what Jerrick sayed)

1)don’t lean back! its really just a slight shift in weight to compensate for your feet being out in front
2) learn just the general foot motions next to a wall, and when you can go forward with minimal assistance, start out in the open(as a freemount or a transition from moderatly slow riding)
3) sit up straight and look forward
4)use slow, steady motions–your feet shouldn’t get tangled up unless you’re on like a 12" wheel…toe-heel,toe-heel, toe-heel
5)devote hours and hours to learning a new skill!!

personaly, I really didn’t have this much trouble with it…

final suggestion:shut up and uni!!(fine, thats in somone elses signature…grr)

that would be me :slight_smile:

Well, for me, I say lean back, because my lower body, from the pelvis down, go out more, then the upper body is up straight, but forward a little bit to make a small sideways v in my position.

0 …Kinda like that lol