I’m twelve years old and have been riding for about two years.
Right now I have a just have a cheap uni, I don’t know what kind. I live on a two hundred acre farm with a creek, hills, woods and a long stone lane. i want an MUni but I’m not sure what kind, I looked at the Torker DX and was about to buy it but found the nimbus hopply.
which one is better for my purpuse…or is there any others?

I use the torker DX, and am very pleased, if you are getting the 07 version of the DX, get that, but if you were looking at the 06 people would usually prolly go with the nimbus, my friend has the nimbus i have the torker 06, it is fine for me, and i think they fixed any bugs it had, havnt heard of someone breaking on in about 5 months.
It just depends on wht you are doing, i like doing street, if you were doing trials or something, DX, is prolly stronger, well the frame isnt but everything else, but the nimbus is lighter than the DX.

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Judging by the description of where you live, it sounds like Muni would be the best choice for you. You probably want a 24". The unicycle you get depends on how much money you have/are willing to spend. The more you spend, the better quality…and longer it is likely to last you. If you’ve got the cash, get this one:

You might be interested in the Torker 24" inch…or the Qu-ax:

Either one will be suitable.

Thanks for the info!!
any more is welcome.