New Zeland Street/Flat/Trials roadtrip after UNICON!


I’m trying to organize a small roadtrip after UNICON to ride street, flat and trials!

I’m not sure where I’m going yet, but I’ll be traveling from January 7 to 15! (I have to be on 16 morning in Auckland to come back)!

Anyone interested? Any suggestions of nice places to go? (Nice street spots and also nice clubs and partys?)

If you’re interested please mail me or add me on MSN. I’m already in touch with some other riders that may be interested!


dude id luv to but i already booked my flight bak on the 10th from christchurch so i’ll also b travelling in the wrong direction.

can i suggest the palmerston north skate park. it has a really good side section with some small 7 set rails and lots of nice ledges etc. it was a great skatepark! (dangerous city overnight tho, we got a glass bottle thown at us one night).

also alot of the kiwi’s like to ride at Rotorua but when i bused down the north island and we went through it, i couldnt stand the smell! i thought someone on the bus had farted again! but on this single occasion it was actually the town (natural gas).

auckland is also very good for riding so make sure u give urself a full day or two there.

lol Rotorua is only good for muni I think, and yeah the smell is annoying. lol It’s true palmy is maybe more dangerous than other cities but that could happen in other cities as well. I think we were riding in the gangsta hangout of palmy that night lol. But yeah auckland is a big city so I’m sure there’s heaps of good riding to be done there.

I’ve also got other plans after unicon btw.

If you come past, come see us in Hamilton :sunglasses:
Not too much good riding, but hey. If you’re driving past :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m interested in a road trip. not sure how much street/flat or trials I can do though but hey, sounds fun.

Drop me a PM or something. My schedule’s similar to yours and I haven’t got flights yet.

I’ll probably see you in Auckland Pedro. Talk about it at Unicon I guess :stuck_out_tongue: