New Zealanders Take Note

Have you had enough of petrol prices going up … and up?

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17 August 2005
The Daily Post (New Zealand)
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Have you had enough of petrol prices going up … and up?

The Daily Post has $100 in petrol vouchers to give to the person with the most creative, innovative way to save petrol money.

Maybe you’re paddling across the lake to get to work. Or are you skateboarding or unicycling?

Text us on 021 486 199, email or fax (07) 348 0220.

Include your name and contact details.

The winner’s name will be published in next Tuesday’s Daily Post.

I thought about entering that competition as I unicycle to save money on running a car and Rotorua is my old home town.

The problem is that because unicycling was given as an example I don’t think it is going to win the competition. A pity really.

I went to Aus and NZ last summer and I stayed with a family in Rotorua for a few days. It was the middle of June and we’d wake up to temperatures of -5°C; much cooler than our June in Florida.

That competition sounds like a great idea, but really too bad they put unicyling as an example.

WRONG! :wink: