New Zealand Unicycle Nationals

More detail on the 4th NZ Unicycle Nationals Palmerston North 4th & 5th
December 1999

Saturday - Picnic Juggle and Unicycle in the park Competitions and workshops
Memorial Park - State Highwy 3 - to Woodville Gather by the skating rink

                6:00 - 10:00 Unicycle Hockey PN Skating Rink round the back
                  of the Showgrounds Walderegrave St

Sunday Afternoon Moutain Unicycling venue to be announced

We hope everyone will choose to stay at the (it’s just more fun that way)

    Palmerston North Holiday Park 133 Dittmer Drive Telephone (06) 358 0349

people will begin to arrive after work on Friday night.

queries to Damian (025) 395 545 juggledee Harold (04) 970 1318

There should be some info on shortly