New Zealand Unicycle Championships 2004

Hi all,

We are having our New Zealand Unicycle Championships from October 23rd-25th 2004, entry forms will be up at fairly soon but overseas people won’t need them.

It’s gonna be held in Wellington, free accomodation & meals for any overseas students etc. Please e-mail me at for more info, hope any of you can make it!


PS Rowan, I hope you get the chance to read this, I’ll lend you one of my unicycles if you can make it down here in October.

I hope to be there.
I heard last year there were no riders from the South Island…hopefully this year that will all change

Some photos from last years events:

NZUNI Weekend 2003 photos

And more photos

Hope some of you Aussie riders can make it. There’s heaps of great MUni rides in Wellington