New Zealand lodging

so i really want to go to new zealand for the unicon, and im trying to figure out costs and stuff, is there any way that i could just sleep liek on someones floor while im out there to save a ton from what a hotel would cost? that would really make it a possiblility to go


Hey Mark!

Usually UNICON organization can provide a lodging!

In Denmark they asked about 100 dollars for all 10 days, to sleep in a school. You had showers, kitchen and matters to sleep, you just need one sleep bag.

Probably they will show all the prices in the middle of the next year. You can join this service when you’re registering for UNICON :smiley:

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I don’t know if the organisers will come up with some budget group accommodation closer to the time but in the very worst case you could stay at a backpackers. Wellington has plenty of them and if you don’t mind sleeping in a room with a bunch of strangers then you are looking at about 17 USD a night.

From what I heard off the record, unicon organisers were thinking of organising a group discount to have the lodging at hostels around the city and basically just book out a large number of dorms in them rather than doing the school thing. There is some advantages and disadvantages of this.
The main disadvantage would be a slightly different atmosphere which is enjoyed socialing with the various other groups in the classrooms.

At the cost of hostels in Wellington, vs the cost of setting up the schools, and having a group discount for already cheap accomidation there is obvoius reasons to go this way.

Being central, wellington will be an absolutely awesome unicon, and being over new years will make it completely insane!

At the workshop they had at unicon 14, Ken was saying that they might try to organize group discounts at ‘backpackers’ (I’m assuming this is like a cheap hotel or hostel?), but that it was not likely there would be group lodging such as we had at unicon 14.

A “backpackers” is also known as a youth hostel in some parts of the world. They usually have a variety of accommodation from single rooms through to dorm style accommodation, with bunk beds that sleep 6-8 people in a room, sometimes more. There are at least 10 backpackers in central Wellington.

They are called backpackers as the are popular with tourists who are “Backpacking” (carrying all there gear in a backpack from place to place, rather than in suitcases - often hitch hiking along the way).

yup, i was there, that sure was fun…i wish it were a lot longer

yes, we have a number of very nice backpackers/youth hostels just across the road from the various Unicon venues. At a cost of between NZ$23-27/night, that is about US$16-18/night. We will try to recommend a few of these, so that Unicon participants all end up staying together. Hopefully they will give us good deals if we do this.

The closest school is at least 15min walk to the event HQ, and I don’t think there are any kitchen facilities at the school that I know of. For the convenience, I think a few dollars extra would be worth it.

Wellington is a very compact city…most venues are within 10-15 (walk) of each other.

We aim to get all the accomodation details and registration up and running on the website by the end of the year. But in the meantime, you can browse the Wellington tourism website to get an idea of the venue and hostels:


Ken Looi
Unicon XV organising committee