New Yuni Journeyman arrived.

I now have a 26in. to go with my old 20 and 24in. unis.The journeyman is
light and nimble and very similer in feel (size)to the 24in.Schwinn.The
fork Crown is annoyingly wide on top,It actually flares out as it rises
from the bearings.I also didnt like the fact that the front set of seat
bolts is at the extreme end of its adj.slot while the other set of
bolts is in the middle of its adj.,a dremel can even that playing
field.The rim is Rigida,a Kenda 2.125 whitewall tire, and Viscount
saddle are a big step up from the two cotter cranked crooked dinos Ive
been riding.I think any width tire could easily fit within the fork.At
8wks I can turn circles either way on small streets,freemount all three
with the 20 being the easist by far,and the new 26in. 25%.I can also
stop and go and go up and down medium hills.I dont sweat like a pig any
more and my endurance is FINALLY starting to increase.


RE: Journeyman

Now that you have owned the Yuni “Journeyman” for a while - How do you like it?
I am considering purchasing the same 26" model with a “Big Apple” tire for road use.

Any thoughts you have on the “Journeyman” (likes/dislikes) would be helpful…:smiley:


Just keep pedaling !

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