New youtube channel - Pretty Good Vid

First video for the new youtube channel, make sure you subscribe!
We’ve decided to make a youtube channel for the top NZ and AUS riders(well those that want to participate anyway), we’ll be uploading regular vids :).


Chris Huriwai
Tirryn Nankivell
Tim Leathart
Chris Aitken
Mike Padial
Daniel Wade
Steffan Safey
Sam La Hood
Dean Toms

Damn looks you guys had a fun weekend! such clean riding by everyone, Sam the trey, Tirryn the 5th. Chris loved the crank grab line, creative. Everyone had something to complement. Awesome riding guys!

Cool! Great riding and improvement from everyone. And I love the fulloutbacksideflips!

awesome vid!!
good skills :slight_smile: looks like they have a good teacher ^^
and it looks like a really fun group! which made the vid nice to watch =)
I look forward to more vids like this =D

My favorite part was Mike’s line at 5:37 :smiley:

Thanks Max, we didn’t realize Mikes line untill you pointed it out haha.

It was such an awesome weekend, most of us landed new tricks. For me, I relearnt treysides, oooh yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet video. Loved it and can’t wait for the next one. Just a shame that some of the clips disappeared.

Doing some muni riding in the netherlands with a 26 inch single speed.

love this video so much wish i could of been there for more!!! like how at 5:37 mike is mooning in the background!!! :wink:

I wish I had a group like this to ride with in my area, it would make learning and riding so much more fun! You guys are looking pretty awesome, keep posting vids!

Most of us don’t live in the same place, it’s more of a New Zealand group

I have to bring this thread to the top again. This vid always makes me feel good and is such a great motivation for me. Thanks guys and girl :slight_smile:

I see how it is… well actually your right. :wink:

The idea of the channel is to have the top NZ and AUS riders posting vids into the same channel. Thats that.

Edit: (If they want, we don’t claim to have ALL the top NZ and AUS riders, just the ones that want to partake)