New Youtube Channel: ClassicUniVids

Hello everyone,

Over the past five or six years, I have been downloading unicycle videos from the community’s gallery and from sites like Youtube. I did this so that I could keep watching them if they were ever removed.

Now I’ve noticed that some of them are no longer available, so I made a Youtube channel to upload these old videos.

If the original uploader of any of the videos wants me to remove them, I will.

I have many of the videos that were uploaded over the past six years or so, so feel free to request a video if you’ve been unsuccessfully searching for it.


how about all christian huriwais old videos?

Fantastic initiative, really love that footage of Kevin!

I uploaded the only one that I had. It was a rather new video, which was part of his callout with Adrien.

It’s unfortunate that he deleted his account. There was a lot of great stuff there. I know exactly which videos you’re talking about, but I hadn’t saved any of them.

I’d never seen that flip video off suan’s. The 360 varial flip was wicked! never seen that before and its such an old video!

How about Christian Resch’s stuff before he got a new camera?..
or Adrien Delecroix’s help i’m alive and 2011 call out to christian huriwai?

I do not have any of Christian Resch’s stuff. Most of what I saved was before him, I think.

All I have from Adrien is “Happy New Year” which is still available on vimeo, along with some of his other things. I do have footage of his front flip, but it seems like there is already plenty of it on Youtube.

I think I might have Help I’m Alive on my external hard disc!

Hey bro, I’d actually liked it removed please. I’m going to rerelease some of the footage from the videos in a form of viewing pleasure sometime soon, with patience.

Chris H

Hahaha, that’s fantastic. Those clips of me were lost long ago from my computer. I’d love to get the raw file from you if you don’t mind!

Kevin M.

lol… just went to look at the channel… and its been closed… wut.

Stiiiink. Its a good idea for a channel! Real good idea.

Maybe people were sending him hatemail hahaha. (not me)

fuck yeah lol
i was eagerly waiting to see what else he uploaded :frowning: