New York Times columnist needs education

To: Allison Arieff, Editor at Large, GOOD, and “Opinionator” columnist for the New York Times
In reply to:


Let me start of to say that I’m convinced you’re not well-informed,
regardless wether you have lack of knowledge because of being lazy,
or had the urge to be self-proclaimed “Opinionater”.

Actually, twice: a] I disagreed with that statement of you, b] doing so I did in simply one word (and that wasn’t hard).

Fixed gears have been around since before the the derailleur era, they are not hip.
And everthing after the word “while” sounds to me a little like a sort of “as oppose to” bogus statement.
I’m not gonne claim unicycling is hip, but I’m sure users of geared unicycles do not exactly fit under the metaphore “circus”.

She isn’t a self-proclaimed “opinionator”, she writes for a section of the NYTimes called The Opinionator.

Yes, fixed gear bikes have been around for a long time, but in the past few years they have become hip. It is unfortunate, but there is now a fashion industry built around riding track bikes on city roads. It was so bad two years ago that I sold an ‘80s road bike frame (that I couldn’t give away the year before) for $140! So, yes, fixed gear bikes are now considered `hip.’

And of course, everyone here has their own favorite response to the circus comment…

(Oh, the money from the bike frame paid for my first uni…)