New York Minute

An artist by the name of Gabe Barcia-Colombo under the auspices of NYU and the MTA is working on a video installation called, New York Minute. It will be several seconds of New Yorkers doing “everyday” things slowed down to take a minute each. Apparently unicycling and sword swallowing count as everyday things.

I was selected to represent unicycling and the filming was this past weekend. We haven’t been told exactly when or where it will be installed. The filming was done at an NYU studio against a black backdrop. Space was limited so the actual action I was filmed doing is idling only.

It was a new experience for me in that I haven’t been involved before in an art project nor have been called upon to perform on cue and in a defined space. (Excepting, of course, by my wife).

Anyway, here is the trailer which does include only everyday things.

Sounds cool, and congrats on representing the unicycle community! (Too bad you’re not in the trailer…) (Throwing flowers up in the air is an “everyday activity?” OK…)

Weird, the trailer just played a black screen, but I could hear the music.
I had to download the trailer and play it in WMP to actually see the trailer.

Still, kewl initiative and very kewl to have a unicycle in the mix.