New York Lawyer

The International Unicycling Federation (IUF) is a corporation organized under
the laws of the state of NY.

The IUF needs some counseling from a kind soul, that sympathizes with
unicycling, and is familiar, or has access to the laws of New York State.

Specifically the IUF needs to know:

  1. Can our Board of Directors meet and vote by E-Mail?
  2. If so, must our votes be unanimous?
  3. If so, will that be all of those voting or all potential voters?
  4. If all potential voters, can the IUF make a by-law that if somebody does
    not vote within a specified and reasonable time his (her) vote will
    count in favor?

Please, do help us if you can. The IUF will be a much better and agile
instrument for all of us if we can provide those answers.

Alberto Ruiz IUF President