New Years Vid

A Max Schulze’s video is a Max Schulze’s video…

EDIT: By that I mean awesome.

Nice flatland… on the back of a bench, WHAT. Really sick stuff dude, at 2:05 this was my thought process: “Pretty nice half rev on the skinny… dang I’ll be really impressed if he manages to pedal grab those pallets… what the helllllll!”

Edit: I really liked your massive rolling sif hops as well.

:astonished: that is all

Great Video! The grind followed by the flip over the rail was amazing!

Awesome Max! Loving the huge grinds.

so amazing… the first line on the bench… all the grinds

Awesome, just awesome, I love it! :smiley:

Pretty much exactly my thoughts…i would of been more than impressed with a pedal grab…

the whole video was awesome as per normal! love the out side flip down the set and the trey side down the 4 too :slight_smile:

I still think its great that you can be pretty much the best at street and trials and then put in a flat clip that blows my mind too…

lol colby. OGH! OGH! OGH! OGH! OGH…

last rail was nice, 180 hop over rail was nice, grind on kink to overflip made me mess myself!! and just all of ur sidehops… i keep thinking ‘oh yea thatd be a pretty decent sized pedal grab’ and then u just go straight to rubber. in terms of the Max Schulze standard, i feel this video as a whole (ride and edit) werent as good as NAUCC 2010. but then again, its still up in your league above everyone else so who am i to complain? :stuck_out_tongue: <3

Loved the feeling to this video. It makes you look human Max. Anyway… Handrail to kink to “flipover” (i think it should be called that), was amazing. Best street clip I’ve ever seen I think. I didn’t explode with excitement when I saw it but maybe I’m just in a relaxed mood right now because I’m seriously confident that, that is THE best street clip ever filmed. That was freaking beautiful.

Yeaaaaahh Max! :sunglasses:

Amazing video, every trick was cool. But was 1:34 trey side tripple?

hehe, woah.
I love everything about this video, so much style!
I’ve been talking to people about grinding a rail to flipping over, it was awesome to actually see it!
favourite line was definitely the half rev on skinny to MASSIVE static sidehop, loved the rolling SIF hops though, those are sweeeeeeet.

Oh also wanted to say, I loved the Danny mac inspired line off the bench. Ive always wanted to try that. I even would have done the 180 like you lol, so cool.

Crazy, The shot at 3:09 was awesome!

The grind to flipover was awesome. Chris might be right in saying that is the best street trick filmed, it was so smooth. Perfect opening shot for your video too. What better way too catch our attention than with something as nice as that.
It’s always awesome to see what crazy thing you will do next. Great riding, keep impressing.


That grind into kink to flip over was the most beautiful thing in the world! nice creative riding max!

Hell yeah! Great video. Glad I checked the videos forum. :slight_smile: