New Years Resolutions

Really get committed to trials riding, my band, and college.

Save up lots of money and put it away for my future. For stuff like paying on a house and important stuff like that.

Id also like to travel a lot, and be able to unicycle at the places I travel too. That also includes unicycle conventions.


  1. Get our unicycle hockey club going every Saturday (not just some).
  2. Not always be hungover for unicycle hockey on Saturdays.

and I think it was last year’s resolution too, but:

  1. Get unispins down

My new year’s resolution is…to actually keep one!:smiley:

hope this is sarcasm.

mine is to get 270, 360, and maybe 540 unispins, crank flips, get 29er, get muni, get parts so build up and entirely custom trials uni, and put my qu-ax back to stock, stop interupting people(im horrible about that, and i hate it), and be able to hop 5 or six pallets (at least 30 inch side hop.)

New Years resolutions so far…

So far

  1. Waiting for snow to subside, and new N36 to arrive
  2. Time will tell
  3. Walking to work, snow too deep.
  4. Can ride 10 strokes on 20" and 4 strokes on 29"
  5. No progress. Need to watch videos or get other rider help
  6. No progress. Need to learn them before 36" arrives
  7. Order New Nimbus Pro Nightrider 36", can’t wait till it arrives.

Kinda wish there where more unicyclist in my area. Could use some help on building up my skills in 5 and 6.

Practicing idleing every night, can idle more than 1 min on 20" and 21 revs on 29".
Also practicing idling using non dominant foot.

Playing hockey 4 - 5 times a week now to keep in shape.

Alright at first this year I didn’t have any but now I’m getting really pumped into riding and traveling.

I will do over double that :p.


  • Train myself for Uninam, so that I can easily keep up with at least half of the other riders. Unfortunatly weather sucks right now, so I've picked up a skipping rope and I've been riding alot of freestyle in my basement, and I'll be going to Taipei for a week of pretraining.
  • Ride up and down at least one mountain in every city I go to in Asia before Unicon.
  • Place in an event at Unicon (even if its a drinking event).
  • Place at OUI, in trials
  • Organise (or help out) a distance event for Ottawa.
  • Get the Ottawa unicyclists more organised and get a website running.
  • Stand up glide as well as David Weichenberger.
  • Be able to do all the skills as per IUF rules in Level 6 and below. [/LIST]
  • i already did this same post back in december…:stuck_out_tongue: