New Years Resolutions

2007 was a great year for unicycling for me.

I got back in unicycling on a fairly regular basis.
Use my unicycle for commuting to work (Plus play hockey 2 - 3 times a week). As a by-product of this I am now in the best shape in my life.

2008 is not to far off and for a change I actually have some new years resolutions.

Here they are.

  1. Qualify for Ride the Lobster
  2. Attend RTL (either as spectator, helper, rider)
  3. Continue commuting to work
  4. Learn to ride backwards more then 2 strokes
  5. Learn to hop forwards and higher.
  6. Learn two new mounts
  7. Add a 3rd unicycle to my collection (Dedicated for RTL)

Yo, my new years resolution is $10K with uni work. And another bigger sponsor.

-Shaun Johanneson

Mine is to travel to atleast 3 countries for reasons of unicycling.

  1. More cake.
  2. Less exercise.


My new years resolution is to hit a 3spin, and get the courage to jump a 10 stair I pass every day on the way to school.

Does that include Australia???

My new years resolution…
1) To get into some serious unicycling.
2) To have this mighty unicycle in my room.
3) To get my unicycle speed record smashed once again.
4) To visit other unicyclists in Oz.
5) To still be the weird and unusual person that i am.

my resolution is-

-to get a kh
-to get 540’s and 720’s
-to get fifth flips
-to get sidespins
-blind 360’s and 540s
-to get good at flat

Learn some more awesome tricks!
Rh more then a 7 set:o :slight_smile:
Plan/attend some really good group rides around the Chicago area
Maybe go to Naucc and/or other conventions
get a job to pay for these…vvv
Buy a muni and/or a 36er
Start upgrading to Isis

(thats all I can think of now…)

Edit: Improve my side hop height and length

Edit 2: Help my friend improve

Edit 3: Make some killer videos!

Actually start doing some serious riding again and go out as offen as possible - I’ve been pretty lazy recently cos it’s cold :roll_eyes:

Make my response to Ducttapes long lost callout video :stuck_out_tongue:

-stop spending my money all the time…
-get a lot more serious about unicycling
-crankflips and lots of variations
-720 unispin
-make a few more videos
-figure out what im going to do with my life

  1. get down some 180’s and 360’s unispins
  2. do 180’s and 360’s on skis
  3. play my birthday with my band
  4. produce album
  5. move numbers 1 and 2 to after this one
  6. go to mondo
  7. be cool at mondo
  8. pwn some people on runscape
  9. get a level 99 on runscape
  10. have a photo shoot with my band
  11. film for band and sport purposes
  12. have fun while doing all those things

yup, sums it up, i dont ever have too much money on me. Thats all i really want, maybe more unicycling and stuff… yup, not too much to ask for from myself

My NYR is to buy a trials unicycle and become freakishly amazing.

My new years resolution this year was to not have any soda.

and I’m still going!

Hmm… upgrade my 36’er, get a job, do more writing(short stories, poetry, etc.), get out and unicycle more, save up more money, help some of my friends learn to uni(a few got unicycles for christmas YAY!)

mynes to ride 10 miles in a day
and to hop up 4 pallets on my nimbus isis trails uni :slight_smile:

2007 was a good unicycling year for me too.

I finally didn’t dismiss the idea of taking up unicycling again. I did something about it and survived retraining my body to adjust to one wheel. Since then I’ve discovered off road riding, riding skinnies, popping off curbs and over low obstacles and can now idle, do a few backward rotations, and freemount a 29 which less than a year ago I couldn’t even imagine myself riding such a big wheel.

What is in store for 2008…


  1. static mount the 29
  2. backward rotations on the 24 and 29 (also like Legtod for more than a few rotations)
  3. get riding with a partner or group which might mean organizing a uni group or yes even ride with bicyclists :wink:
  4. survive my new metal pinned petals (I’ve never used metal)
  5. become as comfortable on a 36 as I am now on the 29
  6. volunteer regularly to help maintain the trails around my area
  7. plan and survive a ride of at least 50 miles… then try 100
  8. I also want to learn to juggle… not juggle on the uni but just learn to juggle. I think the mental and physical challenge would be good.
  9. cheer on those participating in Ride the Lobster
  10. support as best as I can

My only unicycling resolution is to improve my seat-out trials skills, which are currently tentative at best. I expect my other unicycle skills to improve by virtue of the rides I do and the aforementioned resolution, so no other resolution is required.

New goals to add to my list, put my 36er on a diet, and attempt to replicate my 23.5mph (37.8kph)personal best but do it in a velodrome on an official timed flying 200m sprint I’ll need video and photos too.

i would have a resolution for the year but my 2007 resolution was to not make a resolution for 2008. this was to avoid writing an essay for school, but of course it wasn’t assigned this year.


Another one of mine is to start smoking.