New Years Resolution!!!

:smiley: What do you plan to do for your resolution? It could be unicycle goals or just anything! Tell me!:smiley:

My new years resolution is to use the search function more often.

Also, I want to get crankflips more consistant, and learn lots of new flip tricks.

and get 540 unispins

I’d like to focus more on the trials aspect of my riding during the new year. I’m primarily a street rider but I feel like the gained balance from trials can really benefit my street riding. I’d also like to try and fit in more riding time. I just got on my street uni for the first time in over a month and I had noticeably lost quite a bit of progress. My final uni related resolution is to get ProjectUNI to an enjoyable and playable state.

:smiley: cool


I’m mostly interested in getting rid of the mental blocks. And learn sif hopping and whatnot

mynes to ride 10 miles in a day
and to hop up 4 pallets on my nimbus isis trails :smiley:

And hopefully included in that is getting it set up for macs :roll_eyes:

Im gonna try and stop telling people to use the search function:D

Just playin around.

The mental blocks are the biggest problems… I would like to get rid of them too.

100k+ ride on my 36" at a pace that allows me to make the cutoffs in an organized cycling event.



how many newyears resolution threads are there, i think this is the third or the fourth… :thinking:

o sorry…

There must only be one!

One wheel per ride, one thread per topic.

Get it right.


dont get me wrong dude i dont wanna stiffle you its just kinda weird when you see 4 threads with the same thing in it, your new so you should probably start using the search feature…there is a ton of old threads about stuff you wanna know…

When he made this thread, the first Resolution thread was only 4 threads under this one. So its not so much that he didnt search through all the threads made before, but he didnt even pay attention to the first 4 threads at the top of the page.

Whatever though, I already posted some of my resolution in the other thread.

Start my daughter learning to ride. I modded a Sun 12" down about as little as it will go to start her on! Gave it to her for Christmas. It comes up just under my knee.

haha thats funny how old is she like three?:smiley:

By the time I expect that she can actually reasonably try to ride this thing she will be :slight_smile:

the good thing about little people is they arent scared. My dad put me on a two wheeled bike NO training wheels when i was three. The only reason i could ride a bike with no training wheels is because i wasnt old enogh too be scared and know what that thing could do (did) to my body…

P.S. i learned to ride a bike when i was three (no training wheels…EVER):smiley:

im gonna learn crankrolls by 2nd jan! i hope :o