New Years Resolution

I resolve to find more time to reach out to my cousin who is disabled due to
mental illness.

I resolve to make an effort to make some new friends and be more active
socially and in my community.

I pledge to continue my personal battle with AIDS and continue to
participate with the organizations and State agencies that I do volunteer
work for.

I pledge to continue our fight to preserve and expand funding for ADAP.

I pledge to oppose the criminal greed of drug companies such as Abbot.
(Abbot Labs just raised the price of an 8 year old AIDS drug because other
drug companies found they could use small doses of this drug in combination
with other AIDS drugs to make them more effective. So a drug that had been
seen as obsolete and that was not selling much became a popular drug again
but at 1/4 the dose that had been previously used so Abbot recognized that
many AIDS patients again needed this drug and figured they could make a
killing so they raised the price. Instead of raising the price by 75% which
would have maintained their revenue at previous levels which might be
acceptable, they instead raised the price by 400% out of pure greed.)

I pledge to do everything I can to oppose the genocide of AIDS sufferers in
the developing nations.

I pledge to continue my efforts to provide education and support to HIV and
AIDS activists were ever they may reside.

I pledge to shine the light of truth and justice on the efforts of the
Republican Party and Bush administration to destroy the social safety net
provided by decades of progressive legislation in the United States.

I pledge to continue my efforts to have an impact on Industry, FDA, and CDC
decisions regarding HIV and AIDS treatment issues.

I reaffirm my commitment to supporting efforts to reduce the number of new
HIV infections in the US and around the world and will make my voice heard
by State, Federal, and Multi-National decision makers on this issue.

I reaffirm my commitment to oppose discrimination due to HIV or AIDS status,
sexual orientation, race, or economic status.

I pledge to provide as much as I am able, depending on circumstances whether
that be time, services, or monetary support to the fight against Homophobia,
HIV & AIDS, Racism, Sexism and the Republican Party.

Gary Stein

Re: New Years Resolution


Learn morse code so I can upgrade my amateur license to General (allows
access to HF/Shortwave bands for global communication).

Join and be active in R.A.C.E.S (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service,
basically they work with local/national government offices, Red Cross,
etc… providing communication services in times of need).

Join and be active in Skywarn (Works with NOAA, storm spotting etc…).

John R. Marshall, KC9ETP

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